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Omniseal Solutions is a global engineering leader with over 65 years of historical legacy, relentlessly dedicated to the design and manufacture of precision sealing and wear control solutions that protect critical applications in the most demanding environments, and passionately driven to push Beyond the Boundaries of Possible®.

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Beyond the Boundaries

Going BEYOND is what we are known for!

This is how we build long term partnerships with customers around the world in critical industries such as SpaceAviationEnergy, and Life Science - they trust Omniseal Solutions to rapidly respond and solve seemingly insoluble engineering and technology challenges for environments that are extremely challenging, quickly changing, unpredictable or not the norm. 

Visit our Video Showcase to see how these collaborations are engineering the world of tomorrow.

--> Enabling Clean Energy (protecting nuclear systems)

--> Handling & Installation Instructions (how to guides for polymer and metal lip seals to ensure success)

--> Historical Stories (origin of polymer seals, metal seals, composites and the pioneers who led the way - read the stories in our History page)

--> Where No Engineer Has Gone Before (60+ years of success in space launch vehicles and satellites

One Team; One Customer Focus

Highly specialized TEAMS with subject matter experts (SMEs) partner with client-side counterparts, sharing knowledge of engineering principles, practices and performance requirements in a specific application or industry. By collaborating TOGETHER, tailor-made solutions are created and delivered alongside a unique customer experience.

Omniseal Solutions' sealing and material expertise originates from history-making pioneers of the polymer industry and unsung heroes of the space revolution! Started in 1955, Furon, under the name Fluorocarbon, set these engineers on a quest to discover a reliable sealing solution for rocket engine programs that were grounded due to elastomer seal failure and challenging operating conditions involving cryogenic liquid propellants.

These programs led to the creation of NASA and their many space successes such as the first man on the moon. 

Today, the pioneering spirit thrives on at Omniseal Solutions where experts around the world use it every day - making breakthroughs in critical industries. Through the decades, specialized expertise, knowledge, relentless dedication, and exploratory culture to solve the most difficult challenges have been cultivated as part of our DNA ... a legacy of protection and impact.

Space Apollo Moon Landing

Omniseal Solutions is an engineering group who enables our customers to go beyond, through the design and manufacture of precision components and solutions that optimize sealing and wear control, with world-class integrated resources, specialized materials and relentless dedication.

Collaboration, Agility & Speed

We design, assemble and create solutions that achieve precision tolerances - mitigating friction, wear, and leakage - to handle extremely demanding performance requirements of critical applications in essential, high-stakes industries.

Pioneering spirit still fuels imagination and drive within the organization, pushing an evolution in service. Since 2017, we started a new journey, utilizing new management methods by implementing self-directed TEAMS, also named circular teams. Their focus? Each team is dedicated to a group of customers to “delight” them through a unique customer experience as well as answering every need and anticipating expectations.

This structured organization advocates a very short decision-making process and empowers our team members to make the right decision. We believe in the incredible potential of open and trustful collaboration, not only internally but also with our customers and external partners. The ultimate goal is simple: unleash creativity and foster agility and speed in order to swiftly resolve seemingly insoluble engineering challenges.

The Highest Quality: Certification Standards
ISO 13485: 2016
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 14001: 2015
ISO 45001:2018
AS 9100 Rev.D
EN 9100: 2016
JISQ 9100: 2016
IATF 16949:2016

At Your Service: Local & Global

As part of Saint-Gobain — a global company with a history of over 350 years, and one of the world’s top 100 innovative companies — we can blend world-class R&D, technology, infrastructure, and resources with the local expertise, speed, and operational agility of a highly specialized business. As a result, we are flexible enough to deliver ad hoc engineering consultation or complete turnkey solutions.

How do we intuitively know what you need? Whether from early space days when the RACO® spring-energized seal was invented to solve sealing failures to pushing the high-speed performance of rotary lip seals in helicopters and industrial equipment, our experts were there with you to collaborate side by side and help pioneers change the course of history.

With 17 manufacturing sites in 10 countries, we are local everywhere - proud to be part of local communities and giving back to families and people around us. We believe in close collaboration to make positive change; therefore, the proximity needed to share ideas and build together unique solutions is very key to achieving this goal. You can find more about our sustainability initatives and volunteerism in our plant fact sheets.

A global focus is also integral to universal growth. Our teams are interconnected and work at a global level whenever needed. 

Design Engineering Leaders

Industries Served

If the experience of Omniseal Solutions in Space were a movie, it would start with the American flag proudly placed on the moon, then the scene quickly moves forward through history ... Apollo days, Space Shuttle launches, and most recent other successes like the Mars Rover Curiosity. In this "based on true events" movie, there are exciting flashbacks to take us back to where the story first began.

Partners Who Rocket

Taking flight around the world, Omniseal Solutions has been privileged to serve the main aircraft and engine programs for civil and general aviation industries. Our partners have benefited from our global production footprint, with a reliable supply chain and excellence in quality. Our co-development model relies on direct communication between engineer to engineer, supported by proprietary simulation and real environment testing.  We have demonstrated to our customers a reduction of cost of development and aerosystem improvement in sealing, lightweight, friction, and wear resistance from aggressive temperature, chemicals, load, and speed.

Omniseal Solutions provides components and materials for Life Science applications that test purity in pharmaceuticals, diagnose disease to provide vital treatment, surgical devices for lifesaving procedures and home health to better life such as portable oxygen concentrators or diabetic monitoring.

Partners Who Heal

Omniseal Solutions developed the first saddle bearing in Rulon® in the 1940s and the first Air Compressor rotary lip seal in 1984.  Discover below the innovative sealing and wear solutions for Compressors, Pumps, Valves, Food Equipment, Semiconductor Equipment, Aluminum Beverage Can making, Heavy Metal Industry, Laser and Plastics processing. 

Starting in the 1970s due to rising demands in upstream oil & gas applications in the North Sea, our sealing and material solutions proved valuable in solving harsh chemical and extreme temperature/pressure challenges. We are still being used today in a wide range of energy mix applications.

Thanks to our unique material science and strong application engineering know-how, we provide our customers with reliable customized solutions such as polymer spring-energized seals, addressing the ever increasing needs of various critical and extreme applications where failure is not an option.


Partners Who Enlighten

The pioneering spirit is a critical part of our technical and engineering DNA, which has led us to energy "firsts" such as extreme sealing in the world's first subsea gas compression system. Backed by this heritage, we continue to innovate today and solve the challenges that affect our communities. A high priority is finding out how can we decrease global emissions and address the impact of climate change. 

Partners Who Sustain

When working in the nuclear and science research industries, you need utter confidence in the components and materials you use. Why else would the metal and polymer sealing solutions from Omniseal Solutions be in high demand? From using a metal-to-metal connection to a special design C-Seal for increased stability, our nuclear seals and tailor-made material solutions deliver throughout the entire value chain.

  • Nuclear power
  • Nuclear fusion
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Nuclear research and science
  • Nuclear medical applications
Partners Who Explore

Omniseal Solutions developed the first saddle bearing in Rulon® in the 1940s and the first Air Compressor rotary lip seal in 1984.  Discover below the innovative sealing and wear solutions for Compressors, Pumps, Valves, Food Equipment, Semiconductor Equipment, Aluminum Beverage Can making, Heavy Metal Industry, Laser and Plastics processing. 

Partners Who Electrify

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