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Metal Sealing Solutions for Nuclear Power Stations

Working closely with partners in the nuclear power industry, our team of experts understand that confidence is key to successfully operating any nuclear power plant. This is why our precision metal sealing solutions are valued as they perform reliably and safely throughout the nuclear life cycle, supporting long-serving sub-systems from enrichment centrifuges to decommissioning components. Read further into this blog to see how metal seal support critical applications.

6 months ago
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HTMS Headquarters

Omniseal Solutions Acquires High Tech Metal Seals, Further Expanding Metal Seals Portfolio

Omniseal Solutions™ has acquired High Tech Metal Seals (HTMS), a designer and manufacturer of engineered metal seals for the industrial, energy, aviation and space markets. It complements the business’ product range in offering tailor-made solutions in the sealing industry, after the acquisition of American Seal and Engineering Co. (ASE), a leader in technical sealing solutions also used in the energy and aerospace industries, at the start of 2019.