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Metal Comma Seals

Comma axial seals used for shaft sealing and bore sealing are a further development of the axial C-Seal. The elastic recovery in radial direction is still limited, yet the leakage over the outer diameter in the case of a Comma seal is well controlled by the seating load generated by the compression of the ring part of the design.

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Silver, gold or copper plating enhances tightness performance and lowers friction during assembly and operation.


They are typically used in valves, semi-dynamic applications, connectors and in areas that need rod seals and piston seals.

Standard Specifications

Inconel x-750, 718, 625, SS, Haynes (other materials are available on request)

Used in

Slow dynamic applications & provides better control of the seating load


-250 to +1100°C

(-423 to +2000°F)


High vacuum to 5500 bar (79770 psi, 550 MPa) with support

Max Speed

Very low

Diameter: < 20 mm (0.750")
Cross-section: 1.57  to 4.78 mm
Minimum Tolerances: -/+0.05 mm

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Omniseal Solutions can help you with your project

Seal Function & Motion


Mating Surface Finish

Along with having an excellent surface finish, it is also important that the mating surface has a sufficient hardness. For high abrasive dynamic applications, a hardness higher than 60 HRC is recommended.

ASE Group


Our Comma seal design is developed to seal better than a typical axial C-Seal. It also allows a better control of the seating load and hence a better seal performance. 

Industry Case Studies

Take a closer look at case studies that detail this metal seal's high performance.