Omniseal® Metal Spring-Energized Face Seals

Metal O-Rings

These metal face seals are long lasting seals and unlike non-metallic seals, they are not subject to failure due to incompatibility with the environment, outgassing, or deterioration from age.

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Since O-Ring seals are used as static face type seals, they should not be used as a dynamic seal. While the majority of seals are circular, these seals can also be produced in rectangular, racetrack, and other various shapes and configurations. Metal O-rings are typically used in hot mold equipment, nuclear reactor vessels and gas turbines. 

Standard Specifications
Materials & Springs

Materials: Alloy X-750, 321 SS, Alloy 600 (other materials on request)

Springs: None, Alloy X-750, Alloy 718, 302 SS

Used in

areas where elastomers & other non-metallic seals will not seal properly or do not offer required reliability for the application (temperature, pressure, environment).


-250°C to +1100°C

(-423°F to +2000°F)


high vacuum to 25,000 psi (1723 bar)

Leakage Rate

〖10〗^(-5) to 〖10〗^(-8) cc/sec He (depends on finish & coating)

Clamping load

200-3700 lb/in (35-650 N/mm) or higher with spring-energized design


Face Diameter / Radial Diameter: 6 mm to 7000 mm (custom upon request)
Cross-section: 0.89 to 12.70 mm
Minimum Tolerances: -/+0.03 mm

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Omniseal Solutions can help you with your project

Seal Function & Motion



Metal O-Rings can be vented, gas filled, pressurized or spring-energized for specific conditions such as a higher pressure, higher temperatures and extremely high pressure. 


Design (Plating)

Selection of the plating can increase O-Ring performance in term of leakage control.

Industry Case Studies

Take a closer look at case studies that detail this metal seal's high performance.