Omniseal® Metal V-Seals

Metal V-Seals

This metal face sealing solution allows higher flange lift-off, a lower bolt force requirement and is highly pressure activated.

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These metal seals can be customized with various finishes, platings and coatings to improve the leakage performances.


Typical applications include shroud seals and fuel nozzle flanges on power generation turbines.

Is this Component PFAS-Free*?

By its nature, this component is PFAS-Free*.

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* PFAS-Free here means we do not intentionally add PFAS material in the product, but does not exclude the possibility of traces, as these materials are common in the environment.

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Omniseal Solutions can help you with your project

Seal Function & Motion



As V-Seals are designed for maximum springback, they are considered a low load seal. Because of this low load, it can attain at good tightness when used with soft plating or coating. 

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In the seal selection process, you should always keep in mind basic design criteria. There is a direct relationship between the seal outer diameter (OD) and seal free height. Larger free heights provide better resilience and performance tends to be more consistent.

Industry Case Studies

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