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This special design seal is also known as a boss seal and is our solution for the hydraulic standard AS5202, which has the best leakage rate and an ease of installation on the fitting. It is an excellent solution to replace an elastomer O-Ring that fails because of the conditions of the systems.

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We also offer two different designs for this application in order to match as many requirements you need as possible.

Standard Specifications

Inconel® 718, X-750 with washer in stainless steel

Used in

standard port fitting for aviation applications


-250°C to +1100°C

(-423°F to +2000°F)


High vacuum to 5500 bar (79770 psi)


30 mm to 4500 mm

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Omniseal Solutions can help you with your project

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Application Knowledge

Every application is different even for standard fittings, and we are working on providing the best solutions for each knowing your constraints and the final needs.

Metal Fitting Seal


We offer 3 different options for this applications depending on your need. Our experts and flexibility are important benefits for your applications.

Industry Case Studies

Take a closer look at case studies that detail this metal seal's high performance.