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Metal Segmented & Shaped Seals

Our metal segmented seals include standard E-Seals, V-Seals and multi-convolution E-Seals. Size is a determining factor for number of segments needed; customers typically use two to eight segments but the seals can be customized to requirements. With seals that have large diameters such as those used in power generation applications (in shroud and turbine sections), when segmented, customers can reduce shipping costs. This design also allows our team to make higher deflection profiles. Many segmented seals use our proprietary NCCM coating to help with wear. 

Since our customers frequently have design envelopes with unique characteristics and challenges, we collaborate with them on custom shaped seals. 

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Since segmented seals are mostly used to seal low to moderate pressure fluids and gases, they are very suitable for aviation (helicopter engines) and energy (natural gas turbines) applications. They can be designed with multi-convolutions to handle higher temperatures and pressures.


Think seals are just round? Our custom shaped seals come in many shapes and sizes - rectangular, trapazoid, whatever shape that fits best in your application.

Is this Component PFAS-Free*?

By its nature, this component is PFAS-Free*.

Contact our engineers to learn more and start the discussion on how we can support you to meet the requirements of your application.

* PFAS-Free here means we do not intentionally add PFAS material in the product, but does not exclude the possibility of traces, as these materials are common in the environment.

Seal Function & Motion



Segmented seals with multi-convoluted sections are more complex solutions to handle expansion, vibration and displacement. 


Design (Special Shapes)

With our special shaped, custom seals, our customers are able to add a sealing solution in difficult to fit areas. Our team can also provide retainer and flange seal assembly.

Industry & Case Studies

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