Omniseal® Diaphragms

Valve Diaphragms

Our valve diaphragms are manufactured in-house with a special tooling design in a Class 10000 clean room environment. With our expertise in the molding manufacturing process, our solutions are made with precision and mechanical integrity versus traditional hot formed processes. As a result of meticulous lot traceability and detailed testing protocol, our customers are assured that their valves diaphragm solutions will be durable and reliable.

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For valve diaphragms, we can offer complete range of sizes from DN 8 to DN 250 (1/4" to 10")

Standard Specifications

PTFE or thermoformed (TFM) material for overlays (side facing media), and rubber or thermoplastic elastomers for backers 

Used in

high purity applications where you need corrosion-resistance & chemical compatibility


from -240°C to +280°C

(-400°F to +536°F)

temperature is dependent of materials selected in the design phase of the diaphragm


145 psi (10 bar) maximum

Max Speed

High speed / high frequency


Backers thickness: 1.2 mm to 3.8 mm
Overlays thickness: 0.7 mm to 3.04 mm
Total thickness: 2.5 mm to 6.35 mm 



Testing & Validation

Testing and validation of solution performance are included in global development process.



Solution can be supplied as two separate elements or as one piece.

Industry Case Studies

Take a closer look at case studies that detail this diaphragm's high performance.

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