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Omniseal® Polymers

O-Ring Polymer Sealing Solution
Omniseal® O-Rings
Fluoroelastomer Seals
About This Solution

The Omniseal® O-Ring solution is a fluoroelastomer, proprietary material that performs beyond perfluoroelastomer materials in terms of chemical resistance and inertness yet maintains softer durometer and improved compression set. This custom component has outstanding low temperature performance: down to -57°C (-70°F) and operates up to a maximum temperature of 218°C (424°F).

The polymer sealing solution is an excellent choice for low friction hydraulic seals and standard O-Rings. Consisting of many different engineered material formulations, the O-Rings are capable of handling extreme service conditions while exhibiting excellent chemical resistance, compression set and elongation properties.

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These O-Rings are made of proprietary flurorelastomer material with properties that go beyond standard (per)fluoroelastomers.

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Our team can design custom, special shapes and sizes that are easily manufactured to typical dimensional tolerances.

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Temperature Resistance

-57°C to +218°C

(-70°F to +424°F)


Depends on application conditions; high pressure designs are available. Please contact our technical experts for more information.

Max Speed

Limited dynamic movement can be allowed. Please contact our technical experts for more information.


Typical dimensions: 0.200" to 15" diameter


Width: ± 0.003/4" (depends on size)

ID: ± 0.005" ~ 0.030" (< 0.5" ID, depends on size)

For larger sizes, contact our technical experts.

By carefully reviewing material, spring and design, we can adapt our solution to your particular needs. Here are some technical specifications that have already been achieved: 

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