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Omniseal® Polymers

Other Omniseal® Polymer Components
Other Omniseal® Polymer Components
Custom components made from tailor-made materials
About This Solution

Omniseal Solutions has diversified its expertise in processing polymer materials to allow for any problem to be solved. Whether the application requires the design to solve corrosion issues, chemical compatibility, lubrication-free, electrical insulation improvement, or any other issue, the design starts with choosing the right material. With hundreds of different grades of Rulon® Fluoropolymers alone, (not to mention Meldin® HT Thermoplastics and Polyimides (Thermosets), Hycomp Composites, etc.,) the possibilities are endless. Especially in markets such as the industrial market, being able to design not just a component, but a system gives the customer additional benefits, for example, cost reduction, space-saving, weight reduction, etc.

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Application Examples


To design and manufacture various types of components, Omniseal Solutions relies on the exceptional properties of a large portfolio of proprietary materials: Rulon®, Meldin®, and Hycomp™.

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The design of a component can be defined in two different ways. Either the application requires a standard shape (e.g. bearing, piston ring, cup seal, etc…) and in this case, an Omniseal Solutions engineer can apply standard rules of design. Alternatively, the component requires a bespoke or custom design and in this situation, the team codevelops the solution with the customer. This could include, for example, defining the most efficient processing method to get the full benefit from the switch from a metal to a polymer. These additional benefits can be technical, economical, or both.

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Temperature Resistance

-268°C / +350°C 

-450°F / +662°F 

(Meldin® polyimide materials)

Mechanical Resistance

Material with Tensile strength up to 330 Mpa

Chemical Compatibility

Suitable with any kind of media

Dimensions Diameter

From a few mm to more than 2000 mm

The effectiveness of the final solution to withstand high/low temperature is very much dependent on the material chosen. However, this is a standard part of the design process and material formulations can be adjusted to meet the needs of the application.


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