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Meldin® 4000 PAI Based
Meldin® HT Thermoplastics
4000 PAI Based

Meldin® 4000 is Omniseal Solutions material line of PAI (polyamide-imide) based compounds. The different numbers within the series refer to the unique composition and different properties of the various compounds. 

Meldin® 4000 grades are manufactured by injection molding that can meet tight tolerances. There is also a limited number of shapes available for prototyping activities.

All of the 4000 series formulations have common properties that make them suitable replacements or metal components: they are stiff and retain high mechanical strength at elevated temperatures; they are very durable even in harsh applications in regards to wear, and they are chemically compatible with many fluids (e.g., fuels and oils).

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Meldin® 4000 grades have excellent fatigue resistance: when exposed to cyclical stress (loading or vibration), the material keeps very high tensile and flexural mechanical properties. In addition, the material has excellent wear resistance.

Download Meldin® 4210 Datasheet
Download Meldin® 4310 Datasheet
Download Meldin® 4320 Datasheet

Is this Material PFAS-Free*?

  • Depending on the application and equipment specifications, we may be able to manufacture this solution PFAS-Free*.

  • * PFAS-Free here means we do not intentionally add PFAS material in the product, but does not exclude the possibility of traces, as these materials are common in the environment.

    Contact our engineers to learn more and start the discussion on how we can support you to meet the requirements of your application.

Standard Specifications

Polyamide imide (PAI) 
engineered for low wear under high load

Service Conditions
Temperature : -200°C to +290°C
Mechanical Strength : 70 MPa
Manufacturing Process
Hot compression molding
Injection molding

Tolerance Control: +/- 40 μm
Capacity: >4 M/yr
Defects Program: 0 ppm


Injection molding: φ=[2;200]mm

  • Self-lubrication
  • Long durability under extreme temperature and load
  • Dimensional stability in chemicals
  • Consistency with 100% part inspection

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