Co-development & Customer Intimacy

Omniseal Solutions has always put innovation at the heart of its co-development business model. But successful innovation is only possible if the needs and challenges of customers are carefully analyzed and understood. Through the years, the team has developed and adopted different tools that allow us to unveil customer unmet needs and requirements via close collaborative partnerships. Contributing to the customers' efforts to solve ambitious technical challenges at an early stage of the development process help us to bring solutions that provide much superior value.

Collaboration in Real Time

How does co-development happen?

One way Omniseal Solutions collaborates with customers is by situating engineering resources on actual customer premises. This allows the engineer to become an expert in the customer processes and applications. This is key to truly understanding the value delivered by the design, prototype, and final solution offered by the company.

Another example to aid in brainstorming and co-development is to actually design and deliver innovative workshops again on customer premises. These ideation sessions can really bond the internal and external teams together, resulting not just in an inventive and effective solution, but in the development of the close bonds between the two companies.

Of course, both of these solutions can be adjusted to happen remotely as well, using online tools to aid in creative brainstorming and/or discussion and debate. Relationships take time to cement, but one thing can be relied on and that is the willingness of Omniseal Solutions to go beyond the boundaries of possible!

Beyond the boundaries of POSSIBLE


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