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Co-development and tailor-made solutions do not necessarily translate to long development processes and even longer delivery times. When speed is also the solution to help and support a customer, we have the possibility to offer different levels of service in sample & prototype delivery, with very short lead times.

Garden Grove Rapid Prototyping Area
From design to prototype

Regardless of the market or customer, the need to be first to market with new technologies is often a key driver. That means that Omniseal Solutions not only needs to deliver a great design, but also work hand in hand with the customer to deliver a sample or a prototype within the required timeframe. Different processes have been put in place to meet those needs.


In some cases, fast delivery of a sample from a proven application or technology is sufficient. To this end, stocks of key samples are kept on hand so they can be delivered quickly. In other cases, a more custom solution is required. In this case, dedicated resources, Prototyping cells, are brought into play. These cells can, independently from the routine production areas, test new designs and features within a very short window. By listening to what the customer needs and being agile, Omniseal Solutions outperforms the competition by delivering what the customer needs when they need it. Is a bespoke solution required? Does the customer have their own testing and simulation capabilities? What is more important, speed or quality of the final solution, or both? The answers to these questions determines which processes are followed and how the team jumps into action.

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CNC, Lathe & Manual Lathe in Garden Grove
Rapid Prototyping in Garden Grove

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Prototyping cells contain dedicated staff and machines just for the purpose of machining, assembling & manufacturing prototypes. In Garden Grove, CA for example, there are trained staff and brand new machines for CNC Lathes, Milling, Grinding, Spring Fabrication, Welding etc. The same applies to the other prototyping cells across the world. This specific area is only used for prototyping, ensuring that the fastest lead time possible is achieved each time. 

In Kontich, not only are there dedicated areas for prototyping and specific stocks of samples, but the team members have various processes to follow depending on the customer need. Need a sample within a week? No problem! 

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Milling in Garden Grove

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