How can you connect with our team?

Our website is specifically designed to help you get in touch ... in the most convenient way!

  • You can use the contact page to speak with or email one of our technical experts.

  • You can use the locations page to directly speak with a site representative. Manufacturing, sales, research & development and design engineering locations are all listed on this page!

  • The distributor page lists all of the distributors that work closely with Omniseal Solutions in case there isn't a manufacturing or sales location in your area.

What does our team do and how do we support each other?

As part of Saint-Gobain, recognized as a Top Employer several years in a row, Omniseal Solutions believes in our taking care of our team, nurturing their unique talents, and appreciating their relentless dedication. It is this spirit that we collaborate with each other and our customers to engineer precision sealing and develop advanced material solutions. We provide a support network and various resources to keep our team healthy and safe. Contact your local site for opportunities by going to our locations page

What is the difference between a material and a component?

Omniseal Solutions prides itself on delivering tailor-made solutions to customer problems. Sometimes that solution involves a specifically designed tailor made solution or an assembly of smaller parts put together. We call these solutions "components". Other times, the customer needs a custom formulation of a polymer material, carbon fiber or soft metal for their critical application. In this case, we call them "materials." They are separated in the menu for your ease. Perhaps the problem requires high temperature, or low pressure. Perhaps the application needs a reduction in weight or low conductivity. Whatever the challenge, the design engineering and/or R&D teams of Omniseal Solutions are there to help.

When should I choose a metal solution over a polymer one?

This all depends on the application and the requirements for the challenge. In general, metal solutions can be good in high temperature / pressure situations, however, where low friction or low weight is required, perhaps a polymer solution is better. Contact one of our experts who will collaborate with you to find a solution!

Why isn't my industry listed?

For the sake of simplicity, only the major industries are listed on the website, however, there are lots of markets and industries served by Omniseal Solutions that are not listed. Please get in touch as we are sure we will be able to help!

What to do if my question isn't listed here?

The questions above are simply the main ones that get asked time and again. The search function below will help you look through all of the frequently asked questions we have listed on the site. If you still can't find an answer, feel free to contact us, or to use the document center or main search page.

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