Advanced Simulation
& Data Engineering

More than a decade ago, Omniseal Solutions introduced simulation services into their portfolio of engineering activities. This was done by engaging high level of resources and collaborating closely with customers. By merging sealing solutions expertise with numerical simulation capabilities, a brand new approach was created, allowing the company to offer support from the very beginning of a new project to the validation of the solution in the customer's application. When you factor in the ability to engage in technical dialog with technical experts at the customers, this service brings a new dimension to the co-development and collaborative partnership model.

3D UHPLC Simulation Max Stress


When the service was first introduced, the team concentrated mainly on Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This process allows the team to simulate / model the behavior of a component / part under given conditions e.g., in a test rig specified and built to meet the customer's application.

All this changed when the team started to work directly with the commercial teams and customers to deliver high level sealing solutions. This gave the team insight into what the customer really needed, and how the team could add value. As a result, they developed the following competencies:

  • Core competency/technology development, e.g., material testing and modeling, wear modeling and simulation, leakage modeling, fatigue modeling etc.
  • Physics and data-driven engineering emulators and digital tools development
  • Simulation Engineering & Design Assessment Services to provide sealing solutions for customers
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How the team makes a difference

The 5 reasons why the simulation services team makes difference with the simulation capabilities:

  • Simulation is integrated in to the daily engineering activities
  • It is possible to evaluate multiple criteria (Wear, Leakage, Fatigue, etc., …)
  • Advanced material models developed to exactly match the behavior of proprietary materials
  • Simulation tools can also be used for material processing in order to maximize properties
  • The team supports customers from concept all the way through to validation
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HPHT Simulation Energy
3D Space Cryogenic Simulation

Applied numerical data by market

Simulations can adjusted based on the market and application and then analyzed in real time to understand how the solution will perform. This allows the customer and the design engineering / advanced simulation services teams in Omniseal Solutions to ensure that the design is the right one and that everyone can have confidence that the solution will last for a lifetime with no leaks or issues.

To the left, the model simulates the behavior of the solution under cryogenic conditions in Space. This numerical data can give the customer options and allow them to make decisions. Contact an expert to discuss your needs.

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