In-house Testing

Investing in testing capabilities has been year over year, a continuous effort of Omniseal Solutions. As an independent expert to test and validate the different steps of our co-development model is a sine qua non condition for reaching the desired level of reactivity and expertise. The team also has the capability to out-source testing when needed at a clean room for example, or for our quality operations teams to work at an external clean room to perform validation and testing services at that sterile location. This is especially important for some applications e.g. in space & defense.

Leakage measurement station

On site at manufacturing locations

In addition to advanced simulation & data engineering services, every manufacturing site of our global organization houses specific pieces of test equipment,. For example, extensive cryogenic and high pressure/high temperature testing capabilities in Kontich, Belgium, or high speed testing equipment in our California site, Garden Grove. in addition to those test capabilities on sites linked to applications knowledge and expertise, we can also count on al the resources available in Saint Gobain corporate R&D centers in many geographical locations.

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R&D In-House Testing
The importance of Application Testing

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