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Omniseal Solutions is the only source of genuine Rulon® blended PTFE filled materials since the creation of Rulon® A, the first blended PTFE material, in the early 1950s. Available in hundreds of formulations, the material can be custom designed into bearings, piston rings, cup seals, wear components, and many other critical parts for different industries.

It is commonly used for industrial applications as it offers low coefficient of friction, high wear life, excellent abrasion resistance, chemical inertness, and the ability to operate in extreme temperature and pressure ranges. Part of the top tier in high-performance plastics, our Rulon® Fluoropolymer compounds complement our other polymer product lines, Omniseal® and Meldin®, ensuring that customers have the best of the polymer world.

Typical products made from Rulon® blended PTFE filled materials are bearings, piston rings, formed parts, basic shapes (molded and extruded rods, tubes and sheets), and wear components. This series includes different fillers, giving the different grades their distinct colors, for example: Rulon® is maroon, J is gold, W2 is black, and 641 is white. These different fillers lend different characteristics to the different grades increasing the range of applications and markets served.

This material can also be processed in a variety of ways, including, automatic and hand molding, extrusion, machining, skiving, stamping, and forming. Each process is carefully chosen to ensure the best end performance of the material and component. So for example, automatic molding is used to manufacture bearings, while skiving allows for the formation of sheets.

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Rulon® Materials

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Rulon® Fluoropolymers
Rulon® Fluoropolymers
Rulon® Fluoropolymers
Rulon® Fluoropolymers
142 / 142S / 242 PTFE
Rulon® Fluoropolymers
641 PTFE

Do you need a specific material?

Do you need a specific material?

Material properties
Rulon® Fluoropolymers LR PTFE
Ceramic filled polymer material solution used for durability, high creep and abrasion resistance.
Rulon® Fluoropolymers J PTFE
Polymer filled material solution used for low friction, soft shaft and extreme cold temperature.
Rulon® Fluoropolymers W2 PTFE
Rulon W2 is a material developed for use in fresh-water applications
Rulon® Fluoropolymers 142 / 142S / 242 PTFE
Metal filled polymer material solution used for dimensional stability, vibration and wear resistance
Rulon® Fluoropolymers 641 PTFE
A good choice for most food and pharmaceutical bearing applications.

Rulon® Fluoropolymers features & benefits

  • Excellent wear resistant material

  • Friction control (low friction)

  • Superior chemical and corrosion resistance

  • Low weight solutions

  • Tight tolerances in a large range of designs

    The Rulon® material solution offers a large range of designs with the availability to achieve tight tolerances. 

  • Expertise in manufacturing processes

    Internal Rulon® experts have strong knowledge in manufacturing processes and they allow us to furnish the finished parts to our customers. 

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