Omniseal Solutions

Omniseal Solutions is a global engineering leader with over 65 years of historical legacy, relentlessly dedicated to the design and manufacture of precision sealing and wear control solutions that protect critical applications in the most demanding environments and passionately driven to push “Beyond the Boundaries of Possible.”

The below shares our journey - from the past that shaped our vision to the future we are building with a strong team, proven expertise and world goals.

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CAD Design Engineering

About the company

Saint-Gobain 350 History
Collaborative Problem Solving
Kontich Belgium Manufacturing Site & Team

Passion and Drive

Omniseal Solutions is passionate about being a first choice manufacturer and designer of bespoke solutions to difficult problems in challenging applications. Each team member is dedicated to responding rapidly to customer queries and to being relentlessly dedicated to that issue until a solution is found.

Each member of the team is a critical factor in the success of the organization. There are no small parts in Omniseal Solutions! Whether the role involves collaborating with customers, designing a tailor made solution, manufacturing prototypes, or even labeling boxes, each individual is valued. That's how the company makes a difference in the lives of the customers: by being first to market, by listening and empathizing, by never giving up and by going “Beyond the Boundaries of Possible.”

Drive & Passion
Beyond the Boundaries

Going BEYOND is what we are known for!

This is one of the reasons long term partnerships are formed with customers in critical industries such as SpaceAviationEnergy and Life Science -  they trust Omniseal Solutions to swiftly resolve seemingly insoluble engineering and technology challenges for environments that are extreme, rapidly changing, unpredictable or not the norm