PFAS-Free* Alternatives

PFAS-Free* Alternatives

With growing regulation over Per- and PolyFluoroAlkyl substances, a transition towards alternative materials has become critical to supply chain management throughout the industry. Omniseal Solutions partners with our customers and suppliers to find and develop advanced materials & components for critical applications anticipating key changes in our markets.

Due to their unmatched combination of physicochemical properties, Fluoropolymers, a sub-family of PFAS, have been used by Omniseal Solutions for decades on numerous challenging applications in various Industries. However, other materials have already been developed and used for years across our different markets. The recent changes in the regulatory environment accelerated our efforts towards the research and development of alternative materials for our customers’ applications.

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* PFAS-Free here means we do not intentionally add PFAS material in the product, but does not exclude the possibility of traces, as these materials are common in the environment.


The topic being complex, many questions arise about PFAS and the potential impact of their regulation. We propose a few information points to try answer the most recuring questions.

3D Rendering of a Chemical Molecule

What is PFAS and What is PFAS-Free*?

Per- and PolyFluoroAlkyl Substances (PFAS) refers to a large group of synthetic chemicals with widely different physical and chemical properties. PFAS-Free* is any substance that is not a per- or polyfluoroalkyl chemical.

PFAS Bans & Regulations

What are the PFAS Regulations and the Implications?

Earlier regulations are specific to molecules like PFOA & PFOS and impact their usage on an almost global basis.

How Can Omniseal Solutions Help You?

Omniseal Solutions has been developing various PFAS-Free* Polymers and metal-based solutions for decades across a wide range of markets.

Our teams of engineers are very well known throughout the industry as technology leaders in sealing technology and beyond, through strong material expertise and high design creativity coupled with a wide range of application testing and material simulation capabilities. We have developed and continue to invest in diverse production capabilities that provide us with a versatile manufacturing infrastructure able to supply any high-performance metal and plastics parts.

Those elements will be key to imagine, develop, design, qualify and produce the substitution to the fluoropolymer-based products you are using. For some applications, those substitutions may be already available, with or without some adaptations on your system. Omniseal Solutions already designs and sells metal seals and PFAS-Free* polymer parts that we might be able to use as a substitute for some of your current parts.

You can find more of those alternatives in the page below or contact us to know more and explore the alternatives with our engineers.

Success Together

Why You Should Consider a PFAS-Free* Alternative

  • Prevent a potential ban of your products

  • Reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions

  • Anticipate customer demand

  • Differentiate your products in a competitive market

  • Establish or reinforce the position of your company as a forward-thinking leader

  • Advanced Materials Experts

    Our vast material portfolio, polymer and metal solutions encompass a large range of high performance PFAS-Free* Solutions.

  • Designed to Meet Your Challenge

    Our engineers combine material properties and geometries to design the right part for your application.

  • Advanced Simulation for Shorter Development Cycles

    For the right design with new materials, we developed advanced simulation systems to minimize errors and reduce testing time.

  • Application Testing to Guarantee Compliance and Performance Level

    Any extensive qualification testing required can be addressed by our capabilities in application testing across our markets. 

Partnering With Omniseal Solutions

While part of our product portfolio was developed using fluoropolymers, Omniseal Solutions has been processing PFAS-Free* Polymers for decades and invests consistently in material science research. This is backed by the global R&D capabilities of Saint-Gobain, a Fortune 500 company, making us a strong and reliable partner for new material development.

Several grades of PFAS-Free* engineered polymers have been developed over the years and commercialized under our brands Meldin® HT Thermoplastics, Meldin® Polyimides, Hycomp™ Composites and beyond. 

Advanced Simulation Services

With the successful integration of two metal seals manufacturing companies, American Seals and Engineering Co (ASE) and High-Tech Metal Seals (HTMS) in 2019 and 2020 respectively, Omniseal Solutions’ customers benefit from a complete set of sealing solutions. Our wide range of metal seals can be considered as alternatives for some applications currently using fluoropolymer sealing devices.

Not being a PFAS chemical manufacturer, Omniseal Solutions is material agnostic and uses the best available product in co-development with its customers and suppliers to manufacture the best solution. Indeed, since the 1950s, our engineers have worked daily on the combination of different material properties and geometries to design the right part for your application. This same spirit led our engineers’ predecessors to invent the Omniseal® Spring-Energized Seal, contributing to the successes of the space race. This product has been improved over the last 60+ years as we've gained in experience. So much so, that we have some PFAS-Free* Solutions for this product family already qualified and sold in various markets. Depending on your application conditions, we might already have an existing alternative:  Contact our experts to check if your current fluoropolymer-based solution could be substituted with an alternative material. 

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CAD Design Engineering
R&D In-House Testing

Of course, anyone charged with the development of new materials to replace existing fluoropolymer solutions might face technical obstacles. This is only to be expected with such a challenging task. However, Omniseal Solutions has established several services that will help shorten the development, testing and qualification cycles.

In some markets, today’s pace of innovation has moved to a different dimension and accelerated innovation is the rule. That is why we have established rapid prototyping cells to deliver samples quickly to our customer for short feedback loops.

Parts produced with a new material generally require a lot of testing and qualification steps as experience with those materials is limited. Indeed, the development of the right design with new materials requires accurate knowledge of the material's behavior under operating conditions. That is why Omniseal Solutions developed advanced simulation and data engineering systems, a collection of several bespoke and in-house developed mathematical models and tools allowing our engineers to predict material behavior and quickly anticipate the consequences of a change in design. By minimizing errors and enabling fast and inexpensive digital trials, those tools help reduce unnecessary and costly testing time. 

Even with the right design, the quality requirements inherent to a lot of our customers applications require extensive testing for qualification. To address the expected strong testing demand, Omniseal Solutions developed a wide variety of in-house application testing across our customers' markets to qualify our solutions in short production loops and further reduce development time.

Our teams are at your disposal to define the potential alternatives available or to be developed with you. Contact our experts to start the discussion on alternatives. 

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Our PFAS-Free* Alternatives

Please have a look at our existing solutions and our domains of expertise. 

Market and case studies

Industrial Canning Hycomp™ Applications
Meldin® Polyimides - Beverage Canning Necker Rework Machine
Omniseal® Metal Face Seals - Sealed Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Laser Systems
Meldin® HT Thermoplastics - Hydraulic Downhole Drilling Jar
Omniseal® Metal Seals Gas Turbine Application
Omniseal® Metals - Power Generation Natural Gas Turbine