Hydrogen and renewable energies

Energy: Carbon-Free

The pioneering spirit is a critical part of our technical and engineering DNA, which has led us to energy "firsts" such as seals in the world's first subsea gas compression system and designing solutions for extreme environments in deepwater, HPHT, floating production and cryogenic transfer. Our technical team recently achieved another "first," qualifying Omniseal® spring-energized seals in the world's first Liquefied Hydrogen (LH2) loading arm in the receiving terminal at Kobe, Japan, airport island. Projects such as these are ways we are partnering with key companies in the hydrogen value chain, developing advanced sealing solutions and material technologies.

Backed by this heritage, we continue to innovate today and solve the challenges that affect our communities. A high priority is finding out how can we decrease global emissions and address the impact of climate change. Our team is dedicated to decarbonating the energy sector by developing bespoke materials and sealing technologies, serving the needs of the entire hydrogen value chain and addressing the challenges of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) projects and other emerging energy sources. 

Working in collaboration with major companies dedicated to low emissions and through repeated internal testing, our experts have gained tremendous knowledge of the requirements needed for these new applications. This meticulous scientific process has enabled us to better guide our customers and recommend reliable and precision solutions capable of operating in a wide variety of extreme conditions in gaseous or liquid hydrogen, electrolyte solutions, and 100% carbon dioxide. 

By actively engaging with our customers' engineers and R&D teams, the combined efforts have clearly shown to work in solving technical sealing and material challenges and delivering renewable energy and breakthrough decarbonization technologies.

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Want to know more about our solutions in the Hydrogen industry?

Through our technology advantage, our team can solve your most complex problem. We work collaboratively with customers to design and engineer precision solutions, comprised of polymer, spring-energized seals and metal face seals. The following are several critical applications we support.

In PEM & Alkaline electrolysis, we manufacture:

  • Fluoropolymer gaskets for electrolyzer cell stacks

In terms of Transportation & Storage, we deliver:

  • Polymer and metal seals for hydrogen pipeline valves
  • Polymer and metal seals for liquid hydrogen transport and transfer
  • Polymer and metal seals for liquid and gaseous hydrogen tube trailers
  • Underground storage: polymer and metal seals for wellheads/valves
  • Polymer and metal seals for cryogenic valves for hydrogen liquefaction
  • LH2/Hbuffer storage: seals for high-pressure storage tank

In other applications, we engineer:

  • Sealing solutions for refueling stations: HP buffer storage tank type IV, GH2 nozzle, HP compressor booster, LH2 pump, valves breakaway couplings
  • Polymer and metal seals for hydrogen turbines
Renewable Hydrogen Solutions Infographic

Key market segments

Features & Value Added
  • Wide range of operating temperatures from -253°C to +1100°C [-423°F to +2012°F] in static or dynamic conditions
  • Extreme pressure capabilities up to 1000 bar (100 MPa) and beyond
  • Large choice of polymer and metallic materials resistant to hydrogen embrittlement
  • Tailored material and sealing solutions due to a deep understanding of our customers' applications
  • Tribological performance of proprietary fluoropolymer material formulations tested in Hydrogen gas and liquid
  • Proprietary numerical simulation capabilities for fluoropolymers and metals as of -253°C [-423°F]
  • Excellent chemical resistance including KOH solutions
  • Hydrogen gas permeation and diffusion characterized by third-party testing
  • Resistance to rapid hydrogen gas depressurization validated by third-party testing
  • Customer intimacy and co-development approach
  • Worldwide manufacturing footprint
  • Rapid response time and agility with fast sampling and prototyping
  • Electrolyzers
  • Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) process
  • H₂ Pipeline Valves
  • H₂/LH₂ transfer systems
  • H₂/LH₂ storage
  • H₂ type 4 high-pressure cylinders
  • H₂/LH₂ components for Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) up to 1000 bar (100 MPa)


Features & Value Added
  • Operating under all challenging CO₂ temperature/pressure conditions from super-critical to liquid or gas phases
  • Large choice of third-party 100% CO₂ tested proprietary fluoropolymers in compliance with Norsok M-710 Ed. 3 pass/fail criteria
  • Customer intimacy and co-development approach
  • Worldwide manufacturing footprint
  • Rapid response time and agility with fast sampling and prototyping
  • Wellheads for underground storage
  • Valves subsea and onshore
  • Transfer and Emergency Release systems


Features & Value Added
  • Extreme pressure & temperature sealing capabilities up to 1378 bar [20kpsi] and +1100°C [2012°F]
  • No chemical degradation with molten salt
  • Controlled wear and friction
  • Customer intimacy and co-development approach
  • Proprietary numerical simulation for metals and polymers
  • Worldwide manufacturing footprint
  • Rapid response time and agility with fast sampling and prototyping
  • Valves
  • Rotary swivels
  • Piping systems
  • Flanges



For decades, Omniseal Solutions has been a trusted design and manufacturing partner to the medical, dental, analytical and pharmaceuticals markets. Whether the challenge is caustic chemicals, high pressure or cleanliness, our Omniseal® Rulon® & Meldin® high-purity products meet the most stringent requirements. No matter how small the application as in miniature motors for pumps and ventilation equipment or how fast the application as in high-speed drills, our sealing solutions offer end users the freedom to maneuver and concentrate on taking care of what is most important -- their patients.

  • ISO 13485: 2016
    ISO 13485: 2016
  • ISO 9001: 2015
    ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 14001: 2015
    ISO 14001: 2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
    ISO 45001:2018
  • IATF 16949:2016
    IATF 16949:2016

Case Studies

As a result of our close partnerships and collaborations with top industry leaders, we are known for providing solutions for demanding applications. This is especially true in renewable energy markets, especially with hydrogen and carbon capture. Investments in research and development have positively resulted in the next generation of materials and many “firsts”. Check out one of our more challenging case studies below!

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