A solution is very often, not only a component, but an association of different functions, processes and materials to allow the customer to have better efficiency, faster installation and even a more cost-effective final assembly. This is made possible by the large portfolio of products, materials and capabilities of Omniseal Solutions. Making sure to use all of the company's expertise ensures that the final solution includes even more value, and helps the customer to integrate the solutions more easily. Creativity and co-development are key here to get the best of what we can offer. This is also a way for Omniseal Solutions to be partners in the true sense of the word and contribute to the success of the customers' projects.

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Processes, Materials & Functions

Why is this important? Here are some examples of ways processes, materials and functions can be combined to greater effect:

  • Combining different functions in the same component (sealing and bearing, or our Omniseal® gasket solution)
  • Associating different materials in the same product (polymer/metal, polymer/polymer, elastomer/polymer etc., …)
  • Associating different technologies (electrical wiring on polymer parts to include sensing functions)
  • Pre assembling outsourced components with our products for greater productivity at customers 
  • Performing testing operations in-house for shortening validation processes at customers
  • Etc....
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