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You have the perfect solution... but it just doesn't fit!

In order to get the full value of a component / material solution from Omniseal Solutions, the part or prototype needs to be carefully installed in its intended application. Every effort is made to make the installation of a seal an easy step for the customer and a potential source of savings. By eliminating all risk to the quality and integrity of the seal and reducing the time allocated to the mounting of the part, the potential for customer satisfaction increases exponentially. This important step is taken in account at the very beginning of the project, even prior to the seal design while experimenting with different solutions, from the simple tutorial to the design of a specific tool or a specific training session that will allow the customer to get the full benefit of their solution.

Installation of Large Diameter Seal at Customer Premises

All types of solution

Regardless of the size (inner and outer dimensions), material, type, weight and / or application, the team is ready to support with installation. If the solution is damaged while being fitted, it defeats the purpose! Omniseal Solutions will supply videos, how to guides, and even manpower where needed to ensure a perfect fit of the perfect design and solution. Depending on the type of solution, this can be very important. For example: the geometry of an Omniseal® seal installed in a gland provides positive resistance to torsional or spiral failures often found in O-rings. If installed incorrectly, or damaged during installation, that positive resistance is negligible. There can even be leaks.

One very specific case is the large diameter seals for which detailed, thorough procedures and great care are necessary. In this kind of situation our teams will travel to a customer premises to work with their local teams, making sure that all of the installation guide rules are followed and the technical recommendations applied.

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Perfect installation thru Assembly

Applications in Space, Aviation and Nuclear & Science Research are often very sensitive to installation issues. After all, when the solution has to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure (e.g. cryogenic temperatures and the vacuum of space), there is no room for error. The installation team usually involves sales personnel, design engineering, a material or application expert as well as on occasion operations personnel. The fit is that important!

Occasionally, this means rather than just providing the customer with a "seal", the design team actually designs and manufactures an entire assembly. This prevents installation issues and ensures the perfect fit.

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3D CAD Drawing of large diameter seal

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