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Omniseal® Metal Boss Seals
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Metal Boss Seals For Fuel & Hydraulic AS5202 Fittings

    Hilde Joosen
Cryogenic Extreme Environment Standard Applications
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In space applications, standard fittings are specifically used to tackle several high-end connections and extreme conditions for fuel and hydraulic ports. In particular, AS5202 ports and fittings are installed in not only spacecraft and aircraft but are also valued in nuclear and industrial applications. These fittings have been sealed with an elastomer O-Ring; however, since harsher conditions are becoming more prevalent in these critical industries, this sealing part is no longer an adaptable solution. In addition, the hardware is designed to create a lighter weight on the overall system, and  every design needs to be engineered to improve the load and the fuel consumption for future use.


What sealing options can be used? In order to replace the elastomer O-Ring in more extreme conditions, there are several metal machined parts being selected today, which induce a strong increase of load available to compress the parts and provide a significant decrease in weight. 


Due to our many years of sealing expertise in space and aviation markets as well as collaboration with leaders in metal sealing technology (ASE, USA, and HTMS, Belgium, acquisitions), our business is able to provide a more competitive and improved formed metal sealing solution. Currently, we offer two metal seal alternatives in lieu of elastomer O-Rings, metal machined parts, C-type boss seals, and C tail-type boss seals. Our metal designs are pressure loaded, positive sealing devices with specific benefits such as installation ease and adapting to all hardware structure. 

The combination of our metal seal customer support at both USA and Belgium sites allows us to develop a precision solution for your applications. Our offer can be customized with various alloys as well as complementary plating options from our wide range of advanced materials. The final metal boss seal will handle your extreme environmental conditions, i.e., high and low pressure or significant temperature changes, and adhere to engineering and design standards as well as industry regulations.

Going beyond in high pressure capability & reliability with Omniseal® metal sealing solutions! 


  • Excellent leakage control compared to elastomer O-Rings

  • Installation ease for all hardware accessibility

  • Strong metal seal expertise to solve all challenges

  • Lighter weight of formed seals compared to machined parts

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