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Meldin® Polyimides
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Satellite Structural Bracket Connector

    Kha Le
Space & Defense Mechanical Properties Structural Component


A critical part of a satellite is its structural subsystem, which is designed to survive launch loads and protect the operation of other subsystems. Structures are often classified into primary and secondary components, the latter includes struts and brackets that are used in different configurations as needed. Several satellite elements in static or relative movement are linked together by structural bracket connectors that are fixed securely to the satellite body. Similar to many “flying vehicles,” satellites are designed with materials as light and compact as possible, especially in small and nanosatellites.


Within  moving components, friction and wear are key properties, considering that each component needs to last 10 to 15 years. After all, there is no maintenance option on a satellite. Therefore, the structure of a satellite needs to combine the light weight characteristic of a polymer with the mechanical strength of a metal, including low outgassing, electric and thermal insulative properties.


Polymer materials are highly preferred compared to metal and even ceramics, when meeting mechanical properties and structural strength requirements.


Meldin® 7000 thermoset material is the most suitable solution for these applications due to its excellent mechanical properties at various temperatures, excellent dimensional stability and insulative properties. Meldin® 7001 is preferred when insulative properties are required. If wear resistance and low friction are needed, then Meldin® 7021 is the most suitable solution.

Meldin® 7001 Space Satellite Connector

The polymer material that is the strength behind the structure.


  • Temperature and electric insulation

  • Low outgassing protects surrounding sensitive components & ultimately the atmosphere

  • Structural strength

  • Low weight & easier machinability to replace metals and ceramics



  • Meldin® Polyimide Component


  • Structural Bracket Connector


  • Meldin® 7001

Precision Part

  • High precision bearing/bushing connector

Technical Details

  • Outer space environment 

  • Motion: static

  • Pressure: 217 to 290 PSI (15 to 20 BAR)

  • Counter face: aluminium

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