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Omniseal® Spring-Energized Seals
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Surgical Handpieces

    Ronelle Decker
Life Science High Speed Longer Lifetime


Omniseal Solutions offers several different solutions and materials for the surgical handpiece market which includes orthopedic, dental, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, laparoscopic and general surgery. The market is broad and includes orthopedic hand drills, saws, burrs that are electric, pneumatic and battery-powered devices - all with unique needs. There are additional options including laser surgery, cryosurgery (liquid nitrogen) and ultrasonic energy powered devices.  Each of these handheld devices require custom design products to accommodate their unique properties and energy sources.

Although the surgical market continues to move to minimally invasive surgery where smaller devices are needed, other advancements such as higher power (RPMs) and lighter weight, precision handpieces are also critical.  


Most handpieces require internal electronics protection during operation. Smaller seals and bearings for minimally invasive devices require smaller components that can be maintained at higher speeds. There are a wide range of speeds depending upon the application up to 400,000 rpms for dental and orthopedic drills from 1,000 to 100,000 rpms.  Some applications require longer running times than others so each surgical handpiece is unique and requires custom design and material.


Omniseal® spring-energized seals and O-Rings have material properties to protect internal electronics during operation. High speed surgical handheld devices need to be easy to handle and lightweight, which our team can provide in custom materials and designs including self-lubricating materials such as our Meldin® bearings. As the surgical market continues to move to minimally invasive surgery, custom, small Omniseal® parts continue to be a valuable engineering offer for innovative surgical and medical device designs.

Meldin® Life Science Bearings
Omniseal® Miniature Polymer Seals

Material and custom designs are created for even wear and alignment for long service life. These solutions have been compounded and tested for sealing, wear and friction along with sterilization resistance to provide customer optimal performance.  

A longer service = a longer lifetime of medical protection for your doctor and you.


  • Small and lightweight designs and material options

  • Materials that are dry running and self-lubricious

  • Materials and designs for wear and friction control

  • Materials that are resistant to sterilization requirements

  • Custom seal designs to fit smaller and tight dimensional spaces

  • Vanes and bearings with wear and friction control

  • Component parts to maintain necessary speeds and long running

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