Omniseal® Rotary Lip Seals

70 / 80 / 90 Rotary Lip Seals

Omniseal® 70, 80 and 90 lip seals offer double lip designs that are used in high pressure and speed applications. This sealing solution has an option of having a primary threaded primary lip with a standard secondary sealing lip for lubricated condition.

  • 70 lip seals are designed for pressures up to 400 PSID lubricating media and speeds up to 3,500 ft./min. Maximum PV 300,000 lubricated, 50,500 non-lubricated.
  • 80 lip seals are designed for sealing lubricating media at high speeds 4,500 ft./min. and pressures up to 250 PSID. Maximum PV 200,000 lubricated. They are designed for clockwise shaft rotation viewed from the atmosphere side.
  • 90 lip seals are the same as series 80 except they are designed for a counterclockwise shaft rotation when viewed from the atmosphere side.
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A good example of where a PTFE lip seal replaces both elastomer and carbon face seals is the air compressor market, which often uses 70 / 80 / 90 lip seals. Omniseal Solutions™ started working with most major air compressor companies in the mid 1980s, replacing rubber lip and carbon face seals prone to leakage.


Original designs were based on conventional high pressure lip seals. Over time the demands increased to zero leakage and extended seal life. New technologies were developed to more than triple the seal life while maintaining tight leakage control. As a result, our polymer lip seals are looked to as the industry standard with the ability to offer over 40,000 hours of maintenance-free service.

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Seal Function & Motion


Dynamic Applications (Rotary Shaft Solutions)

These are used in dynamic applications, in which at least two hardware surfaces come in contact with one another. In dynamic applications, at least one surface is in motion relative to the other. A typical example is a hydraulic cylinder with shaft and bore. Further, there are two directions of motion in dynamic applications: reciprocating or linear motion, and rotary (including oscillating) motion. We offer mostly radial seals (rod seals and piston seals) in such applications. Occasionally, the application may be a combination of both static and dynamic. For these more complex cases, you can contact our team of experts


Radial Sealing

The sealing solution is radial. Radial sealing has glands that compress seals in a radial direction. Male glands are machined in the shaft, whereas female glands are machined in the bore. Radial sealing is usually, but not always, dynamic.


We also offer rod seals and piston seals for these applications. Axial sealing has glands that compress seals parallel to the axis of the seal. Glands are machined on the face of the hardware. Axial sealing is usually, but not always, static. Omniseal Solutions™ offers inside and outside face seals in such applications.

Industry Case Studies

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