An Inside Look Into Balancing Life & Work … With A Growing Family


By Rebecca Phan (February 2023)

One of the most important elements of creating a successful, global organization is supporting customers with precision solutions but also by supporting your team members with the same commitment. Providing them with resources and emotional support can truly make a lasting impact internally and externally.  We would like you to meet Branko Rogovic, our District Sales Manager on the Semiconductor Team, who took some time off on paternity leave and recently returned to work. 

Q. First of all, congratulations to you and your wife on blessed baby Kosta. We are happy to have you back! How are you and your family doing now?


A. We’re doing great. Baby Kosta is growing fast. Many milestones are being hit every week. it seems like. Mom (Sierra) and myself are getting accustomed to being parents and are loving it so far. Kosta truly brightens up our day and puts a smile on our face no matter what.

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Q. Have you discovered anything different or interesting insights since you returned to work?


A. The biggest difference since I’ve returned to work is how I use my time. Your world changes completely when you have a kid. Staying organized and focused is helping me utilize every minute to the best of my ability, so that I can spend more time with my son. This is true for day-to-day activities, and especially with work travel. Long gone are the days when I used to travel for work and stay for the weekend to ski or explore. Now it’s a rush to go home and see the baby as soon as I can.

Speaking of travel, it used to be so easy. From packing, going through security to boarding, everything is much more difficult now, but well worth it when we travel as a family. Kosta is six months now and has been to three countries outside of the United States, and three different states.

Q. What do you think about how parental leave is addressed? Is it something that is not well known or provided by companies?


A. I think Saint-Gobain does a good job with providing the information on parental leave. Contacting your HR and the company that handles our leave process is the best way to go. They’ll explain how the process works and what needs to be done. It’s nice to have help like that at such a stressful time in your life when welcoming a newborn. Last thing you want to deal with as a new parent is worrying whether you’ve filled out the correct forms and if your finances will be stable for the near future. The 100% paid leave is amazing.

Q. Thank you for your time today Branko, especially since you are doing double duty as a father and salesperson. What else would you like to add about your time off?


A. I don’t recall if the parental leave policy was stressed enough when benefits were reviewed with me prior to getting hired, but I’d say it’s definitely a highlight that should be used to attract young talent to join our Saint-Gobain family.


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