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Mechelen St. Rumbold’s Cathedral Tower

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A mixture of tradition and innovation go hand in hand at HTMS, short for High Tech Metal Seals – very similar to their place of business at Mechelen, Belgium. Both may be considered a “hidden gem,” with much to offer.

HTMS Headquarters

HTMS was founded in 1999 as a privately-owned company by a group of sealing specialists with a combined experience of more than 100 years. For over 20 years, they have been designing and manufacturing elastic and resilient metal sealing solutions for the most demanding applications in numerous industries. In 2020, the business was acquired by Omniseal Solutions; they still continue to honor their history and push their technology advantages in the modern day.

Did you know that the people of Mechelen are nicknamed “Maneblussers” (moon-extinguishers)? The story goes that one night a long time ago, the St. Rumbold’s Cathedral tower was covered by a cloud and glowing from the moonlight. A local person looked up at the tower and though the tower was on fire. An alarm was quickly spread as the entire city rushed to try to save the beloved tower. This moment earned the residents the above nickname. A memorable story that is thought of so fondly by the Mechelen people that all sorts of foods and souvenirs are still made in the shape of the crescent moon.

HTMS’ resilient metal seals can be used in a wide variety of applications where normal seals cannot cope with extreme temperature, pressure,  medium or combinations. Many of these precision seals are tailored-made solutions to fit the customer’s application. Available in a range of many shapes, sizes, and materials, each seal is still unique as technical parameters such as the amount of spring back, seating stress, sealing surface, sealing load, and leak tightness are considered. Among their metal sealing solutions, the Metal Oysterseal® was created as a result of a bespoken collaboration with a university – focusing development and engineering of new solutions with higher educational institutions.

HTMS’ metal seals are rather diverse and utilized by many industries: Industrial (valves, pumps and lasers); Semi-conductor (tin shooters and catchers); Energy and power generation (steam and gas turbines); Oil and gas (high temperature and high-pressure valves, compressors and couplings in upstream); Science and research / fusion (vacuum vessels, reactors, connectors); Aviation (valves, thrusters and cryogenic engines); Nuclear (reactors, pumps and valves, nuclear spent fuel casks); and Space (satellites). 

They say that you can touch the sky when you get to the top of the St. Rumbold’s Tower as it is 318 feet (97 meters) and more than 500 steps high. You can say that HTMS is taking this to heart and going beyond the boundaries of possible as part of Omniseal Solutions.

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