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Consisting of a family of proprietary materials that are composed primarily of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based resins, the different grades of Fluoroloy® material have been specifically formulated to meet the needs of challenging applications and the different applicable certifications. For example, some grades of Fluoroloy® material were designed to be USDA, USP, and/or FDA compliant and therefore well suited for life science equipment such as harmonic scalpels or chemical analyzers. Other grades have been designed specifically for the energy industry and for NORSOK M-710 and API 6A certification standards relating to sour gas service, cryogenic temperatures and low fugitive emission international standards ISO 15848 and Shell MESC SPE 77-312.

You may well know this material from its use in the jacket material of Omniseal®, high-performance spring-energized seals, providing excellent chemical resistance and physical, thermal and tribological properties. 

In general, Fluoroloy® material is used when low wear and friction are needed. It has broad chemical compatibility, and depending on the application, could include PTFE and PTFE blends, fluoropolymers, PEEK, and UHMW-PE. Each of the Fluoroloy® grades is highly diverse and suitable for meeting the needs of extreme conditions and environments.

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Fluoroloy® features & benefits

  • Excellent wear resistant material

  • Friction control (low friction)

  • Broad chemical compatibility

  • Broad temperature range from 
    -450°F to 600°F (-268°C to 316°C)

  • Broad pressure range from 
    vacuum to 50,000 psi (3,448 bar)

  • Different formulations to meet the varying certifications

    For example: Norsok M-710, NSF, USDA, USP, and FDA compliant grades.

  • Able to withstand harsh environments

    This includes (but is not limited to): vacuum, cryogenic, high/low temperature, water, steam and hydrocarbon fuels.

Standard Specifications
Fluoroloy® A01
  • Excellent for light dynamic and static service

  • Good cryogenic properties

  • Limited wear and heat resistance

  • Moderate to hard vacuum service

  • Low gas permeability

  • FDA approved

Fluoroloy® A09
  • Extremely tough, long-wearing material

  • Recommended for long wear life under severe conditions

  • Excellent in water and water-based fluids, particularly suitable for abrasive media

  • Limited heat and chemical resistance

Fluoroloy® A16
  • Excellent general purpose material for heat and wear resistance

  • Recommended for dry and poorly lubricated applications

  • Particularly suitable for water and steam service

Fluoroloy® A30
  • Excellent heat, wear, and chemical resistance

  • Good cryogenic properties

  • Caution: can be abrasive running against soft metals at high surface speed

  • Excellent material for back-up rings

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