Polymer Thermoplastic Materials

Meldin® HT Thermoplastic Materials
Meldin® HT Thermoplastics
Diverse array of engineered Meldin® thermoplastics
About This Material

Under the Meldin® brand, Omniseal Solutions offers the most complete range of high-performance solutions including one of the top thermoset polyimide materials and a diverse array of engineered thermoplastic products. Each series is designed with unique characteristics and has been proven for specialized applications in aviation, space, life science, semi-conductor, and other industries where high thermal resistance and good mechanical properties at high temperatures are required. The Meldin® material families complement our other well-known sealing and material solutions, Omniseal® and Rulon®, making us a one-stop shop for high-performance polymer needs.

The Meldin® HT Thermoplastics series includes different types of injection moldable materials to satisfy working conditions for applications where metals and other materials may not be suitable. Materials are available as finished parts with a limited amount of shape possibilities for prototypes. Classified as part of the high-performance polymers in the polymer pyramid, solutions include polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyetheretherketone (PEEK), and polyamide-imide (PAI) material formulations.

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Is this Material PFAS-Free*?

  • Depending on the application and equipment specifications, we may be able to manufacture this solution PFAS-Free*.

  • * PFAS-Free here means we do not intentionally add PFAS material in the product, but does not exclude the possibility of traces, as these materials are common in the environment.

    Contact our engineers to learn more and start the discussion on how we can support you to meet the requirements of your application.

Meldin® HT Thermoplastic Materials

Compare our different materials

Meldin® HT Thermoplastics
1000 PPS Based
Meldin® HT Thermoplastics
4000 PAI Based
Meldin® HT Thermoplastics
5000 PEEK Based

Do you need a specific material?

Do you need a specific material?

Material properties
Meldin® HT Thermoplastics 1000 PPS Based
Meldin® 1000 materials are proprietary polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) based thermoplastic compounds which exhibit excellent chemical and thermal resistance, have good dimensional stability, and maintain structural integrity, providing design versatility. 
Meldin® HT Thermoplastics 4000 PAI Based
Meldin® 4000 is a series of material solutions of PAI (polyamide-imide) based compounds. They have properties for replacement of metal components: stiffness, retaining high mechanical strength at high temperatures, wear resistant in harsh conditions, chemically compatible with all automotive fluids. 
Meldin® HT Thermoplastics 5000 PEEK Based
Components in Meldin® 5000 series (PAEK and PEEK-based compounds) have advantages over metals, machined ceramics and other costly machined materials: high tensile, compressive and fluxural strength, being lighter and corrosion resistant. High load resistance.

Meldin® HT Thermoplastics features & benefits

  • Good tribological properties at aggressive PV conditions

  • Dry environment

  • Low weight solutions

  • High thermal resistance and dimensional stability

  • Chemical and corrosion resistance

  • Mechanical integrity

  • Tight tolerance requirements

  • Injection Molding Capabilities

    Meldin® HT material solutions offer injection molded components allowing a large diversity of design and flexibility.

  • Improved mechanical and thermal properties

    Meldin® HT components are formulated by our expert teams to improve mechanical and thermal properties. 

  • Expertise in manufacturing processes

    Internal expertise and strong knowledge in manufacturing processes allows us to furnish the finished parts to our customers. 

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