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PFAS-Free here means we do not intentionally add PFAS material in the product, but does not exclude the possibility of traces, as these materials are common in the environment.

Our sealing and material experts devote tremendous time and resources to engineering and testing PFAS-Free* solutions that do not compromise on functionality, reliability and precision, i.e., high stability at low temperatures, broad chemical compatibility or wear protection.

Our PFAS-Free* family of proprietary materials is composed of various different materials, including UHMW-PE or PEEK based resins. The unique grades of these high-performance polymer materials have been specifically formulated to meet the technical needs of challenging applications and/or industry/regulatory certifications. For example, some grades were designed to be USP and/or FDA compliant and are therefore well suited for life science equipment such as harmonic scalpels or chemical analyzers where purity is mandatory. Other grades have been designed specifically for the energy industry and its severe environments: NORSOK M-710 and API 6A certification standards that relates to sour gas service.

You may know these materials from their use in the jackets of Omniseal® Spring-Energized Seals, providing excellent chemical resistance and physical, thermal, and tribological properties, making them successful for over 60 years in the industries of space, aviation, industrial, and more.

We select the best high-performance polymer material to use based on its qualities, for instance low wear and friction, as needed. Other applications might require having broad chemical compatibility, others high stability at low temperature. All those applications conditions require us to pick a specific formulation. Each grade is highly diverse and suitable for meeting the needs of extreme conditions and environments.

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PFAS-Free* Polymer Features & Benefits

  • Good Wear Resistance

  • Friction Control (Low Friction)

  • Superior Chemical and Corrosion Resistance, including Water, Steam, and Hydrocarbon Fuels

  • High Mechanical Strength

  • Pressure From Vacuum up to 3,000 bars

  • Wide Temperature Range, From Cryogenic to High Temperature Conditions

  • Different Formulations to Meet the Varying Certifications

    We have material expertise in multiple areas and can ensure the required grades and certifications are met. For example: Norsok M-710, API 6A, CO2, USP, FDA, and EU 1935-2004 compliant grades.

  • Flexible production capability

    We use precision technology combined with quality-controlled manufacturing, to ensure high and effective yields and successful solutions.

  • Weight savings

    Talk with one of our experts to understand how together, we can reduce the overall weight using our solutions.

  • Custom made solutions to fit existing hardware configuration.

    Together, we can custom design with our Design Engineering teams, a solution to meet the requirements of any application and hardware configuration.

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