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Rulon® 945
Rulon® Fluoropolymers
945 PTFE

Rulon® 945 is a black PTFE-based material that has very low wear and deformation under load, making it ideally suited for demanding thermal applications. In fact, its deformation is the lowest of all Rulon® grades. It also possesses excellent chemical resistance and good dimensional stability

Since Rulon® 945 has moderate abrasive qualities, this black material is best suited for use against hard mating surfaces, like hardened steel substrates. It is not suitable in applications where electrically insulating properties are required.

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All of the excellent properties of Rulon® 945 combine together to make it ideal for high heat applications!

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Standard Specifications

Black fluoropolymer
Engineered carbon filled

Service Conditions
Temperature : -240°C to +288°C
Mechanical Strength : 8.3 MPa
Manufacturing Process
Compression molding

Friction coefficient: 0.20 - 0.35
Max PV (dry/lub): 0.35 MPa.m/s


Rods and Tubes: (ϕ) 1.2m x (L) 3m
Sheets: (L,W) 610 mm x (ϕ) 80mm
Tapes: (W) 1m x (T) = [0.086;6] mm

  • Superior dry friction
  • Stick/slip elimination
  • Hardware abrasion reduction
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Dimensional stability in all chemicals

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In addition to the more tailor-made solutions offerings, for example the Omniseal Solutions™ piston rings, typical offerings of Rulon® 945 include automatically molded bearings & components, sleeve, flanged and thrust bearings, stamped and machined formed seals, extruded shapes, and machined parts / shapes.

Applications include pumps, mixers compressors, appliances, insulators, linear slides, pipe supports, and wear bands. This material can be used in a variety of different environments, including, steam, wet, and dry.

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Did you know? Standard tip seals provide about 1,000 to 2,000 hours of use. When using a Rulon® 945 scroll seal, seal life is over 3,000 hours, saving customers from losing money & replacing parts often. Check out this case study!