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Rulon AR
Rulon® Fluoropolymers

Rulon® AR is a light maroon colored material best known as the current version of the first Rulon® introduced, namely Rulon A. While often compared to another in the series, Rulon® LR, it is somewhat more flexible than its counterpart, and is therefore suitable for seals and bonded coating of slide surfaces, especially when those applications require higher physical properties than Rulon® LR can provide. It is also practically chemically inert, and provides long life and reliability in continuous non-lubricated service.

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This filled PTFE material offers a combination of high compressive strength, a low coefficient of friction, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, and excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance without the need for lubrication. It is capable at operating at PV values up to approximately 10,000. Higher PV values are possible for intermittent use applications.

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Standard Specifications

Light maroon fluoropolymer
Engineered ceramic filled

Service Conditions
Temperature : -150°C to +200°C
Mechanical Strength : 7 MPa
Manufacturing Process
Compression molding

Friction coefficient: 0.15 - 0.25
Max PV (dry/lub): 0.35 MPa.m/s


Rods and Tubes: (ϕ) 1.2m x (L) 3m
Sheets: (L,W) 610 mm x (ϕ) 80mm
Tapes: (W) 1m x (T) = [0.08;6] mm

  • Superior dry friction
  • Stick/slip elimination
  • Hardware abrasion reduction
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Dimensional stability in all chemicals

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In addition to the more tailor-made solutions offerings, for example the Omniseal Solutions™ piston rings, typical offerings of Rulon® AR include automatically molded bearings & components, skived sheets, stamped / machined formed seals, extruded shapes, and machined parts / shapes.

Applications include pumps, mixers, compressors, appliances, insulators, linear slides, pipe support, and wear bands. This material can be used in a variety of different environments, including, steam, wet, dry, and vacuum.

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