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New Partnership With ERIKS Seals & Plastics For Sealing Solutions Distribution

    Rebecca Phan
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Omniseal Solutions' Polymer Metal Seals - ERIKS Distributor

Polymer & Metal Seals Distribution For Southern & Western USA

Omniseal Solutions, a design engineering and manufacturer of precision sealing solutions and advanced materials for over 60 years, announced the signing of a strategic agreement with ERIKS Seals & Plastics for the distribution of their Omniseal® polymer and metal sealing solutions in the Southern and Western North American regions.

ERIKS Seals and Plastics is a leading provider of high-quality engineered components, specializing in elastomer and engineered plastic components for critical applications and environments. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the business has several additional sales and distribution centers across the nation: 

  • Houston, Texas

  • Renton, Washington

  • Portland, Oregon

  • Roseville, Fremont and Norwalk, California

  • Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma

Through these various sites, they offer comprehensive services to customers in critical industries including Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor.

Helene Petregne, Business Manager - Industrial & Distribution, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating that “it will provide customers with innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. By consistently providing outstanding quality and establishing strong supply chains, this partnership will benefit our customers in numerous ways – keeping to our brand foundations of technology advantage, rapid response & agility, and collaborative spirit.”

Generally, the industrial heartland has been the Midwest in America; however, according to The Economist, the South (the area spanning from Texas to Virginia) is fast becoming America’s new industrial heartland. This rise is due to current initiatives that are promoting technologies such as semiconductor, renewable energy, and electric vehicles. Many of Omniseal Solutions’ precision seals and advanced materials are being engineered for these emerging and more sustainable applications. Partnering with ERIKS Seals & Plastics will provide local service and expertise.

Stuart Lowndes, CEO of ERIKS Seals & Plastics, said, “We are delighted to partner with Omniseal Solutions and bring their exceptional sealing and material solutions to customers in the Southern and Western regions of North America. This collaboration will provide our customers with access to a broader range of high-quality solutions as well as create new opportunities for growth and further deliver exceptional service and support to our customers. We look forward to working with Omniseal Solutions.”

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