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Omniseal Solutions Announces Strategic Agreement With Engineered Seal Products®

    Rebecca Phan
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Polymer & Metal Seals Distribution For Industrial Midwest Market

Omniseal Solutions, a design engineering and manufacturer of precision sealing solutions and advanced materials for over 60 years, has established a new strategic distribution agreement with Engineered Seal Products® (ESP) for the distribution of Omniseal® polymer and metal sealing solutions in the North America Midwest market.
Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ESP has served industrial OEMs and MROs for over 50 years. Being 100% employee-owned, the business has consistently fostered a customer-centric approach that is in alignment with the same customer service approach upheld by the Omniseal Solutions’ business.

Helene Petregne, Business Manager - Industrial & Distribution, highlighted the benefits of the partnership, stating that “ESP's employee-ownership mentality will naturally lead to better service for customers. This partnership will ensure that customers receive top-notch service in keeping with our brand foundations of relentless dedication, rapid response and delivery; and collaborative spirit.

Mark Hunt, Vice President Global Business Development of ESP, said, "We are looking forward to the partnership. Omniseal Solutions is a reputable name in the market, built by decades of quality solutions and top-tier customer support."

The Industrial Midwest is a region encompassing the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, with the main industry being the manufacturing of production technology and heavy machinery. Commonly produced in the Midwest are metal products, appliances, metalworking technology, and downstream chemical products, which require reliable sealing solutions such as those engineered and manufactured by Omniseal Solutions. Their Omniseal® spring-energized seals and metal seals are used in a variety of critical industrial applications: food and beverage equipment; canning systems; valves, pumps; and laser equipment. These seals are very versatile, handling a wide range of temperature and pressure as well as offering excellent chemical resistance. 

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