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Omniseal Solutions Makes Business Decision To Conclude Rulon® Distribution Partnership With Fluorten® Company

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Low Coefficient of Friction Longer Lifetime Chemical Resistance Extreme Temperature
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Omniseal Solutions, a design engineering and manufacturer of precision sealing solutions and materials for over 60 years, has made the business decision to conclude their Rulon® material distribution partnership with Fluorten®, a plastic fabrication company in Italy. Omniseal Solutions will work directly with current and new customers, continuing their global but local customer-centric approach. This business direction is part of their strategy to develop closer relationships with OEMs in targeted industries such as industrial and aviation where the fluoropolymer solution is widely utilized due to their reliability and long-time wear and friction performance in critical applications. In doing so, Omniseal Solutions will better understand customer challenges as well as collaborate with them to develop high-performance, polymer solutions to handle future requirements.

Helene Petregne, Global Distribution Manager said, “Our customers are facing increasing challenges to reliably run their equipment in more and more demanding conditions such as extreme temperature, higher load or higher speed. Since we have a local source close to them, we can quickly develop new materials to meet any of their new expectations.”

Rulon® fluoropolymers are an integral part of Omniseal Solutions’ portfolio, and Omniseal Solutions is the only authentic supplier of this PTFE-filled material. Discovered during the late 1940s by Robert Rulon-Miller for a part in a plastic saddle design to ensure smoother function and longer wear life, this new formula would become a polymer with the lowest coefficient of friction, be resistant to chemicals, withstand extreme temperatures, and be an important engineering element in numerous applications. In 1957, the solution was officially trademarked as Rulon®, and currently owned by Omniseal Solutions. This first type of Rulon® material was dubbed “Rulon A” (which was later replaced by AR). In the six decades since the Rulon® material came on the scene, the fluoropolymer solution has been expanded from the original formula to many varied grades, each with unique properties designed to serve a wide range of applications and industries that go beyond its original industrial heritage.

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Tags: Low Coefficient of Friction Longer Lifetime Chemical Resistance Extreme Temperature