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Omniseal Solutions Reintroduces Metal Boss Seal Solution For AS5202 Fittings

    Rebecca Phan
Omniseal® Metals Ease of Installation Lightweight
Omniseal Metal Boss Seal Group

Reduction In Weight & Easier Installation

Omniseal Solutions, a design engineering and manufacturer of precision seals and materials, has reintroduced their metal boss seal solution for AS5202 fittings to the aviation and space industries, sharing technology advantages such as ease of installation, lighter weight and cost advantages, while delivering similar high-performance sealing to legacy solutions. These seals are widely used in critical aerospace applications that are challenged by extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

Omniseal Solutions has been a long-standing partner in the aerospace industry for over sixty years, developing a comprehensive range of polymer and metal sealing solutions that handle a variation of temperatures, high air flow pressure, chemical compatibility and mechanical requirements. The business’ advanced metal expertise is a result of the acquisition of two metal seal companies in the United States and Europe, ASE and HTMS, which has strengthened its position as a leading supplier of high-performance sealing solutions in both polymer and metals. 

These metal seal companies have been a reliable supplier of metal boss seals to key customers for many years, as has the Omniseal Solutions’ team located in Garden Grove, California – a prime location for aviation and space customers. With these precision parts now integrated into the Omniseal® metals solution line, the business continues to strategically invest in and improve their sealing technology in order to provide durability, safety and precision even as performance levels and requirements become more demanding.

Metal boss seals (or metal fitting seals) are not only used in aviation but also in nuclear, chemical and space, outperforming elastomer O-Rings that fail as a result of challenging system conditions. As a pressure-loaded, positive sealing device, the metal seal is designed for service in port-to-tube fitting applications and is composed of a crush ring that attaches with the coating of the seal to the surfaces of the port and tube fitting.

The following are the technology advantages of Omniseal Solutions’ current line of metal boss seals:

  1. Ease of installation: Unlike machined K-Seals, which require precise machining and assembly, the integrated seal design can be installed quickly and easily without any special tools or equipment. Aerospace manufacturers save time and money during the assembly process.

  2. Lighter weight: The metal boss seal is significantly lighter than its machined competition – a major advantage in aerospace applications where weight is critical. Made from high-strength formed materials, the seal reduces overall weight and improves fuel efficiency.

Omniseal Solutions’ current metal boss seals still deliver the same high level of sealing performance as their past solutions, which have been tested and proven in a wide range of aerospace applications. As such, legacy parts will still be available as standard catalogue designs for easy integration into existing or future systems. The integrated metal boss seal designs for AS5202 fittings are now available for purchase, in a full range of designs to meet the needs of aerospace manufacturers around the world.
Information about the metal boss seals will be shared for the remainder of the year and next year with customers and prospective customers at key events:

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