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Omniseal Solutions To Showcase Polymer & Metal Sealing And Wear Control Solutions At ACHEMA 2024

    Rebecca Phan
Friction & Wear Control Maintenance Process industries
ACHEMA 2024 Event

Exhibiting At World Largest Process Industries Forum

Omniseal Solutions, a design engineering and manufacturer of precision sealing and wear control solutions for over 60 years, will exhibit at ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 10 to 14, at Hall 9, Booth #A54a. The international event brings together chemists, engineers, process technicians, energy experts, and environmental specialists, many of whom the business supports in a wide range of applications for the process industries, including pumps, valves, compressors and metal processing.

Omniseal Solutions will showcase the following polymer seals, metal seals, and material solutions.

Despite facing challenges such as labor shortages, ongoing supply chain disruptions, and fluctuating demand, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a resurgence beyond pre-pandemic levels. Due to a transformative shift, process industries are transitioning from traditional machine-based assembly lines to sophisticated "smart factories" in order to leverage robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, augmented reality (AR), and other advanced technologies. According to a survey from Deloitte’s Research Center for Energy & Industrials group, 86% of surveyed manufacturing executives believe that smart factory solutions will be the primary drivers of competitiveness in the next five years.

As manufacturing sectors prioritize productivity, flexibility, and sustainability, the demand for high-performance sealing and wear solutions is on the rise. Omniseal Solutions is addressing these evolving needs with their diverse, high-performance and custom engineered designs. The solutions most often used in industrial and semiconductor industries are polymer spring-energized seals, metal C-Seals, and carbon fiber composites. Engineered to optimize sealing and wear control, these solutions ensure stability and performance across critical equipment.

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Tags: Friction & Wear Control Maintenance Process industries