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Valve Polymer Seals Guideline Created for Major US Oil & Gas Company

    Rebecca Phan
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Omniseal Solutions, a global designer and manufacturer of precision sealing and material solutions in extreme conditions, has developed a technical engineering manual that provides selection guidelines for polymer lip seals in oil and gas API 6D isolation valves for a major United States oil and gas end user customer. Their engineering team was approached by a valve subject matter expert from the key oil company with the guidance document request as part of an effort to improve the awareness of the importance of seals as critical parts in severe service operations where function and integrity are paramount. Valves are used to control flow rates as well as guide and direct the refining process. In particular, isolation valves are key pieces of protective instrumentation lines and flow lines in varied applications throughout the oil and gas industry.

Omniseal Solutions has designed and manufactured polymer lip seals as part of their Omniseal® spring-energized seal and rotary lip seal portfolio for over 30 years. They are quite knowledgeable with oil and gas regulations and recently received API 6A specification (ISO 10423, Appendix F. relating to sour fluid (FF/HH) resistance for nine of their most used materials. Using these decades of knowledge and experience, their engineering team created the technical manual with a focus on trunnion-mounted ball valves and covering the following conditions:

•    Pressure: class #150 up to #2500
•    Temperature: -120°C up to +200°C (-184°C up to +392°C)
•    Size: up to 20”

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