Putting the customer at the heart of everything we do, our teams are designed to be agile, making solutions fast and meeting our partners where they live


Making a Difference

Driven by operational excellence and the common goal to find and deliver the best possible solution on the market is what makes Omniseal Solutions the preferred partner for our customers.

Collaborative partnerships

Collaborative partnerships

A collaborative engineering approach allows Omniseal Solutions to design anywhere, build anywhere, and solve problems everywhere.



Omniseal Solutions is a specialized engineering group, passionately dedicated to the design and manufacture of parts and systems that optimize sealing and wear control, with world-class integrated resources, specialized materials and relentless dedication. 

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Global, locally

Many people fear that working for or with a large global company like Omniseal Solutions is like being a small cog in a much larger machine. That efforts will be overlooked or underappreciated.

Engineering Drawings & Bearings

Pairing engineers with engineers

When working on a new solution, being able to talk to someone who speaks your language is essential. However, it's not just about speaking English, French or Chinese, its about a mindset and a way of working. That is why when working on a new prototype or a new solution to a problem, Omniseal Solutions pairs an engineer from the customer with an engineer from the team. That technical mindset and resolve to solve the issue no matter what it takes is what makes the team so successful and has the customers coming back time and again.

It makes life easier to be able to converse with someone on the same level, technically and pragmatically. Each design engineer is trained in sales techniques as well as in material, chemical and/or mechanical engineering, allowing the partnership to find the best possible solution. They listen carefully, only offering solutions when all of the detail has been shared. Of course, the next time the customer has an issue, that same expert can jump in, with his or her expertise of the customer's process close at hand.

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Technology advantage

Technology goes hand in hand with people. At Omniseal Solutions, the team takes inordinate pleasure in researching the latest trends and staying at the forefront of innovation. Whether acquiring new technology through acquisitions, for example HTMS, or building new fabrication laboratories (fab-labs) and application testing areas on an existing site, the company takes care to lead the way.

Some recent examples of the advanced simulation and testing capabilities can be seen here. This service in conjunction with the in-house testing capabilities at many of the manufacturing sites and the expertise of the engineers gives Omniseal Solutions an unparalleled advantage. The team also has the support of 3 dedicated R&D centers in Northboro, MA, USA, Chennai, India and Shanghai, China. Of course, there are also the other R&D teams within Saint-Gobain to offer support if needed as well. Check out the locations and services offered.

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Space Advanced Simulation Capabilities