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By Rebecca Phan (January 2023) 

One of the most important elements of creating a successful, global organization and supporting customers with precision solutions is by bringing a team together with the same precision. The right people in the right roles can truly make a lasting impact internally and externally.  We would like you to meet Clara Souève, our new Digital Customer Acquisition Specialist on the Life Science Team.

Clara has extensive experience in digital journeys, having worked at Samsung in the digital marketing and e-commerce fields. She was in charge of implementing customers' journeys in order to optimize their experiences as well as traffic and sales performance. She also worked for digital and communication projects for a consulting firm. She is from Paris and recently joined the Omniseal Solutions' office in Garden Grove, California, to bring her vision and gain significant experience in the US Life Science market.

Life Science Team Story Clara Soueve

1. What do you find most interesting and exciting about the life science industry? What do you think has changed in the past decade to now?

Working in the life science industry is fascinating and challenging. After all, new discoveries and developments in science occur every single day. High levels of motivation and expertise are necessary for every job within the sector. It's a challenging and expanding industry where effort is generously rewarded, giving real meaning to my work. I feel useful to work in an industry whose goal is to improve life and health.

The life science industry has experienced tremendous growth around 2010 as a result of a boom in new materials innovation but specially in the new technologies development. I think that the design and manufacture of automated robotics devices for the life science sector is becoming a major topic for all players in the sector and our Omniseal Solutions’ business.

2. How did you first become engaged on this life science path?

I have always wanted to have my career in the life science industry because it’s a work environment that I feel I can thrive. I think it’s due to the fact that you can participate in projects that will help raise people's standards of living. It is also a sector in constant evolution, which abounds in innovation and working at Omniseal Solutions™ allows me to develop my curiosity as well as my knowledge and competences within this highly demanding and complex market.

3. How will Omniseal Solutions™ help our customers and this industry in 2023?

At Omniseal Solutions™, our everyday mission is to deliver precision service to our customers. We offer our customers creative solutions with custom-tailored material formulations in order to allow their use in an extensive range of applications. Our large proprietary range of materials allows us to provide customers with high performance and precision solutions. Through genuine internal testing and in close collaboration with customers, Omniseal Solutions’ team of experts can address complex issues that call for protective materials that interact safely with the human body.

4. What do you hope to learn from working in this industry and at Omniseal Solutions™ and how do you think you can contribute?

As a marketing and communication specialist, I hope to learn about the life science industry and its market trends. Working in the life science also enables me to understand how all our teams mobilize to discover solutions for the world’s challenging problems. Bringing and sharing the knowledge and expertise I have gained from my previous experience as a digital communication project manager can make a real contribution within the industry. One of my capabilities is writing editorial content in order to communicate to the right audience with the right solution range depending on current needs or requirements to help build strong relationships with customers.

5. How has working at Omniseal Solutions™ added to your perspective on manufacturing, engineering, life science, and communications?

Working at Omniseal Solutions™ has added a lot of perspective on several aspects of life science materials engineering. Indeed, this scientific process is a very specified and demanding sector, and I have a lot more to learn each day thanks to its innovations.

6. How do you work together at Omniseal Solutions™ to support each other and customers?

Working as a customer digital acquisition specialist allows me to work closely with all internals teams to understand each project that we are working on together, in particular the material manufacturing process. I have the opportunity to work with our sales experts as well as our highly qualified engineer and research & development teams in order to communicate on recent developments, competitive edge and our property materials.

7. Thank you for your time today Clara. Is there anything else you would like for us to know about yourself or your experience at Omniseal Solutions™?

I would like to add my perspective regarding the trends within the life science industry for the next years. As a major manufacturing organization, we have to be attentive and conscious about market innovations such as the development of robotics. For example, more research is being done in the area of precision surgery that links robots to improving surgical techniques. Artificial intelligence tools are now available for surgeons to use in order to accurately operate on patients. We also have to consider the evolution of the regulations and take into account the requirements of our customers.

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Clara is part of Omniseal Solutions' global life science team who specializes in supporting many various and critical aspects of the healthcare sector: microsurgical devices, UHPLC equipment, portable oxygen concentrators, invitro diagnostics, robotics and more. Contact the team for precision sealing and material solutions!

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