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Omniseal® Metals

Omniseal® Metal Axial Seals
Metal Seals For Radial Pressure
About This Solution

After the acquisitions of American Seal Engineering (ASE) and High Tech Metal Seals (HTMS), Omniseal Solutions strengthened their solutions portfolio and now offers a wide range of axial metal solutions to adapt to your systems and needs. Patented lip seals and comma seals can handle limited motions in your systems.

Metal axial seals are different from metal face seals due to the top and bottom of the seal's cross-section being squeezed. They are an excellent choice to replace low friction hydraulic seals and standard O-Rings. Axial seals in particular have higher contact load compared to rubber O-Rings and will also have higher frictional drag.

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A metal seal is distinct due to its material. For axial seals, the design is determined by what strength and temperature properties are needed; most times, they will be produced from high temperature super alloys like Inconel® material.

Since our business has a large range of metal materials available, you will receive a metal solution that fits your needs.

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Coating & Plating

While the inner design of a metal seal is key, the outside is just as important. Metal seal platings and coatings have exceptional features in sealing technology. 

  • The additional soft layer is instrumental in improving the leakage rate, used to fill the roughness of the counter flange and enhance the sealing performance.
  • The softer the plating, the more it can improve and cover surface irregularities in the hardware. Generally, a metal seal lies side by side with the high demands placed on the surface quality of the customer’s hardware.
  • Special patented coatings are used to improve the wear resistance. PTFE is typically applied, while plated seals use gold, silver, copper, tin, and nickel as a top layer. For jacketed seals, aluminum lining is used.
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Since metal seals are engineered to address critical pressure, temperature and leak rate challenges, they have a greater design flexibility. As a result, our team has designed and manufactured special shapes to accommodate typical dimensional tolerances.

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Temperature resistance

-250°C to +1100°C
(-423°F to +2000°F)


vacuum to 100,000 psi (6894 bar)

Max Speed

Slow speed - thermal expansion and limited rotation or translation

Dimensions Diameters

8 mm to 400 mm

Surface Finish

10 Ra

By working on material, coating and design we can adapt solutions to your particular needs. Here are some technical specifications that have already been achieved: 

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