Polymer Materials

Meldin® 7000
Meldin® Polyimides
7000 PI Based

A thermosetting polyimide, the Meldin® 7000 material series exhibits extremely high dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. Testing has shown that Meldin® materials have less than 0.04% variation from their original dimensions after cycling from 73°F (22.77°C) to 500°F (260°C) over a two-day period.

This material is able to withstand thermal shocks very well, adding to the dimensional stability of the material. One particular grade - Meldin® 7022 exhibits an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, resulting in a thermal expansion behavior similar to aluminum.

These compounds can also be formulated with other fillers to increase the mechanical and thermal performances of the final parts. In addition, the Meldin® 7000 PI series is processed via direct forming which enhances the cost-effectiveness and productivity. 

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The self-lubricating grades of Meldin® do not melt when exposed to high load (P), or high speed (V) applications, as compared to more traditional PTFE or thermoplastic polymers. P x V limits for Meldin® self-lubricating grades exceed 300,000 psi·ft/min (10.5 W/mm2) in dry environments and past 1,000,000 psi·ft/min (35.0 W/mm2) in liquid or grease lubricated environments.

Download Meldin® 7001 HCM Datasheet
Download Meldin® 7021 HCM Datasheet

Is this Material PFAS-Free*?

  • Depending on the application and equipment specifications, we may be able to manufacture this solution PFAS-Free*.

  • * PFAS-Free here means we do not intentionally add PFAS material in the product, but does not exclude the possibility of traces, as these materials are common in the environment.

    Contact our engineers to learn more and start the discussion on how we can support you to meet the requirements of your application.

Standard Specifications

Polyimide (PI) Based
Engineered for extreme temperature

Service Conditions
Temperature : -200°C to +315°C
Mechanical Strength : 40 MPa
Manufacturing Process
Hot compression molding
Isostatic molding
Direct forming

Tolerance control: +/- 10 um


Rods: (phi) 80mm x (L)1m
Tubes: (phi) 10,5mm x (L)50mm
Sheets: (L,W) 300mm x (T)50mm
Custom shapes: (L,W) 180mm x (T)50m

  • Self-lubrication
  • Long durability under extreme temperature and load
  • Dimensional stability in chemicals
  • Consistency with 100% part inspection

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Meldin® 7000 is a popular choice for structural parts in aviation and other applications where metal replacement is desirable. The purity of Meldin® in combination with its other properties, makes this material the ideal choice for semi-conductor applications, successfully replacing aluminum, ceramic, and other high-performance plastics. The Meldin® 7021 line has 15% by weight graphite fillers, which makes it self-lubricating. This provides customers the best all-around choice for high-temperature bearings, seals, thrust washers, and other low-wear applications.

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