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Rulon LR
Rulon® Fluoropolymers

Rulon® LR is compatible with most hardened steel substrates. Mild steel is acceptable; harder running surfaces are better.

Rulon® LR has a practically universal chemical inertness. Of the chemicals encountered in commercial practice, only molten sodium and fluorine, at elevated temperatures and pressures, show any sign of attack.

For continuous non-lubricated service, Rulon® LR sleeve bearings are capable of operating up to 10,000 PV. Higher values are possible intermittent service. It can be said then that Rulon® is a brown, ceramic filled polymer material solution used for durability, high creep and abrasion resistance.

The material is molded and precision machined from high performance polymers as PTFE and filled PTFE composites specifically designed to administer advanced properties and performance.

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Rulon LR is ideal for continuous, non-lubricated sliding, rotating, and oscillating applications. Typical critical parts include: consumer bearings or wear components (high-speed blenders) Industrial bearings (chemical pumps); and Energy spring inserts (poppet valves) and slide bearings (pipelines).

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Standard Specifications

Brown fluoropolymer
Engineered ceramic filled

Service Conditions
Temperature : -150°C to +200°C
Mechanical Strength : 7 MPa
Manufacturing Process
Compression molding

Friction coefficient: 0.15 - 0.25
Max PV (dry/lub): 0.35 MPa.m/s


Rods and Tubes: (ϕ) 1.2m x (L) 3m
Sheets: (L,W) 610 mm x (ϕ) 80mm
Tapes: (W) 1m x (T) = [0.08;6] mm

  • Superior dry friction
  • Stick/slip elimination
  • Hardware abrasion reduction
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Dimensional stability in all chemicals

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In addition to being used in many applications where Rulon® LR's superior chemical resistance is needed, for example in piston rings, Rulon® LR is also used to make the following different kinds of components: automatically molded bearings and components, sleeve, flanged and thrust bearings, stamped and formed seals, extruded shapes, machined parts, and molded shapes. Typical applications include: pumps, mixers, compressors, appliances, insulators, linear slides, pipe supports, and wear bands.

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