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Omniseal® Polymers

Omniseal® Rotary Lip Seals
Rotary Shaft Seals with Polymer Lips
About This Solution

Omniseal® polymer rotary lip seals were introduced in the early 1970s designed to bridge the gap between conventional elastomer lip seals and mechanical face seals. Also known as rotary shaft seals and made with a metal casing, the seal can be manufactured from a variety of advanced materials for sealing elements and control. They perform well in hostile environments with extreme temperatures, aggressive media, high surface speeds, high pressure or lack of lubrication. These rotary lip seals along with spring-energized seals make an important impact in everyday life, protecting aviation jet engines, helicopter rotorheads and life science oxygen concentrators.

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Using our expertise in high-performance polymer compounds, we have developed over 500 proprietary formulations in house that are used to meet the demands in a number of critical applications. These materials are compounded and processed to be optimized for tribological (friction and wear), mechanical and thermal properties.

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Rotary lip seals may have garter springs to help assist with the higher than acceptable runout/misalignment of the shaft and improve sealing under high speed. The springs may also add a consistent load combined with polymer compounds. 

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Design expertise allows for collaborative customer designs that are engineered to meet even the most challenging applications. In addition to series 10 to 90 that are shown as catalogue designs, we have the ability to go far beyond and address your custom sealing needs. Knowledgeable and experienced engineers are ready to co-develop solutions with your technical team.

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Temperature resistance

-60°C to +230°C

(-75°F to +450°F)


up to 34 bar (500 psi)

Max Speed

35 m/s

up to 100 m/s for special designs

Shaft / Bore Diameters

Shaft size: 6 to 330 mm (metal cased), up to 900 mm (DynaLip)

Bore size:16 to 380 mm (metal cased) up to 950 mm (DynaLip)

Minimum Tolerances

Shaft: +/- 0.003", Bore: +/- 0.001"

By working on material, spring and design we can adapt our solution to your particular needs. Here are some technical specifications that have already been achieved: 

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