Polymer Materials

Rulon® 142 / 142S / 242
Rulon® Fluoropolymers
142 / 142S / 242 PTFE

Rulon® 142 / 142S / 242 materials are specially formulated dull blue-green linear bearing formulations that exhibit low wear, high thermal dissipation, and good dimensional stability characteristics. They are metal-filled polymer material solutions used for dimensional stability, vibration, and wear resistance.

Among their many benefits are the virtual elimination of stick-slip, vibration dampening, self-lubrication, uniform friction, long life, ease of application, and design diversity. They are low deformation materials suitable for linear bearings and slides.

Rulon® 142 / 142S / 242 formulations have excellent mechanical properties and are the ideal materials for machine tool applications. Their low deformation characteristics limit the amount of misalignment that can occur with other bearing materials. 

Strong acids and bases should be avoided as they may attack the fillers.

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The material is molded and precision machined from high performance polymers for example PTFE and filled PTFE composites, specifically designed to administer advanced properties and performance. This formulation controls wear and friction properties for specific applications and environments.

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Standard Specifications

Turquoise fluoropolymers
Engineered metal filled

Service Conditions
Temperature : -150°C to +200°C
Mechanical Strength : 8.5 MPa
Manufacturing Process
Compression molding

Friction coefficient: 0.025(lub)
Max PV (dry/lub): 0.35 MPa.m/s


Rods and Tubes: (ϕ) 1.2m x (L) 3m
Sheets: (L,W) 610 mm x (ϕ) 80mm
Tapes: (W) 1m x (T) = [0.08;6] mm

  • Superior dry friction
  • Stick/slip elimination
  • Hardware abrasion reduction
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Dimensional stability in all chemicals

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Obviously, Rulon® 142 / 142S / 242 PTFE formulations are used in many different tailor-made solutions offerings, for example the Omniseal Solutions™ piston rings and automatically molded bearings & components. However, in addition, typical offerings of Rulon® 142 / 142S / 242 include packings, stamped parts, extruded shapes, machined parts, molded shapes, wear bands and seal rings.

Applications include lathes, Gibs, guideways, compressors, appliances, rotary tables, motor mounts, linear slides, pipe supports and hydraulic presses.. This material can be used in a variety of different environments, including, wet, dry, and vacuum.

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