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Omniseal® Polymers

Meldin® 5000 PEEK Based Piston Ring
Omniseal® Piston Rings
Polymer Rings For Piston Sealing
About This Solution

Our Omniseal® piston rings are an excellent choice for applications that require low friction and low wear. Our piston rings have proven good performance in medium to high pressure rotary applications. There is a worldwide engineering support to solve your most challenging and demanding applications.

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Rulon® materials are used extensively inside machinery as bushings, washers and piston rings, replacing expensive metal roller bearings or multi-component linear guide rings. Our materials exhibit good chemical compatibility, including good wear properties, and performs well both in low friction and low thermal expansion conditions.

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The piston ring can be designed and manufactured into special shapes to accommodate typical dimensional tolerances.

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Temperature Resistance

-240°C to +288°C

(-400°F to +550°F)


1000 psi (69 bar)

Max Speed

Up to 20 m/s depending on combination with applicable pressure.


Standard sizes available up to 150 mm, larger sizes available on demand

Surface Finish

0.2 to 0.4 Ra

By carefully reviewing material, spring and design, we can adapt our solution to your particular needs. Here are some technical specifications that have already been achieved: 

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