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Omniseal® Polymers

Omniseal® Spring-Energized Seals
Polymer Seals with Metal Springs
About This Solution

Omniseal® spring-energized seals are composed of two precision parts: a polymer jacket and a corrosion-resistant, metal energizer spring. With an unlimited shelf-life compared to conventional seals, the seals provide improved performance over soft elastomeric seals and hard metal gaskets that typically fail.

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Download Omniseal® Spring-Energized Seals Handbook
Download Omniseal® Spring-Energized Seals Handbook


Our proprietary polymer, PFAS-Free* material, and Meldin® materials, which are used for the Omniseal® seal jackets, are made from high-performance resins that are compounded and processed for optimum performance in a wide variety of sealing environments. Over 500 in-house formulations have been developed by our experts and engineers resulting in precision sealing and material solutions that are unique to a customer's requirements and needs.

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The second critical part of an Omniseal® spring-energized seal is the spring, which provides permanent resilience to the seal jacket and compensates for material wear and hardware misalignment or eccentricity. When the spring is under compression, the jacket lips are forced against the gland walls and create a leak-tight seal.

Spring loading can be design engineered to handle critical low friction requirements in dynamic applications or extreme high loading often required for cryogenic sealing. Springs are fabricated from corrosion-resistant metals: 300 Series,17-7 PH stainless steels, Elgiloy®, Hastelloy® and Inconel®, which are compatible with most fluids.

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As a spring-actuated, pressure-assisted sealing device, Omniseal® spring-energized seals are designed to be leak tight and support several critical factors: chemicals and corrosion resistance, lowest coefficient of friction, and dry running capabilities as well as handling extreme temperatures both hot and cold and high pressure.

Along with these elements, the final design solution depends on the type of application, the customer’s requirements and specifications, and the system itself. Is it static, dynamic, radial or axial sealing? What is the media, hardware, groove dimensions, surface finish, etc.? Whether adding a back-up ring, heel or double lip, we will design engineer a precision fit, custom solution for you.

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Temperature resistance

-268°C to +316°C (-450°F to +600°F)


from vacuum up to 50,000 psi (3448 bar)

Max Speed

Up to 1 m/s

Clamping Load (in)

1 to 11 N/mm

Dimensions Diameter

5 mm to 3000 mm

Surface Finish

Ra: < 16 µin

Ra: < 8 µin, where critical

By carefully reviewing material, spring and design, we can adapt our sealing solution to your particular needs. Here are some technical specifications that have already been achieved: 

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